Panzergrenadier Squad Tactics ’44

Panzergrenadier Squad Tactics based on a German semi-official training manual from 1944 that specifically looks at Squad (Gruppe) Tactics not platoon, company or others.

Military History Visualized

Białe koszary w 1940.jpg

Organization of a WWII German Infantry Squad

German Squad Tactics in World War 2

Sturmzug: Germany’s Assault Rifle Platoons (WW2)

German Raid Tactics – Ostfront

German Defensive Tactics – Eastern Front

German Infantry Anti-Tank Tactics 1941/1942

Panzergrenadiere 1944: Mission & Cooperation with Tanks

Encirclements – Panzergrenadier on the Eastern Front

The Panzergrenadier Commandments

German Division (World War 2)

Niemiecka piechota i wojska pancerne wśród pól rzepakowych na froncie wschodnim. (2-975).jpg

Sd.Kfz. 250 and Sd.Kfz. 251

The German Halftrack – Sd. Kfz. 251

Why Halftracks? Why limited to WW2 only?

World War II vehicles of Germany

German troops at the beginning of Operation Spring Awakening.jpg

German Stahlhelm (1916-1945)

Evolution of the German Army Field Uniform 1933-1945

German Army Armoured Fighting Vehicle Uniforms 1934-1945

Hugo Boss and the SS uniform – fact or myth?

Mediolan. Żołnierze Waffen SS na ulicy miasta (2-2101).jpg


German Auto and Semi-Auto Weapons, up to 1945 (no rifles)

MP 40 – Role & “Tactics”

MG-42: German Machine Gun

Was the MG 42 truly better than the MG 34?

“Hitler’s Zipper”: Germany’s Powerful WWII Machine Gun


Bundesarchiv Bild 101I-218-0504-36, Russland-Süd, Panzer III, Schützenpanzer, 24.Pz.Div. (cropped).jpg

Read about WWII here

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