1. tlamn.wordpress.com · May 11, 2021

    Fort Bragg Black woman kills another Black female Soldier.
    Last night, a couple has a fight and the 911 Dispatcher heard the shot. Murder-Suicide in front of the unharmed child. Dude was Army National Guard. Didn’t have time to run another Name and Image Verification, so I’ll use old skool Critical Thinking and Logic, Maiden Name and Surnames are most likely Hispanic Ethnicity, as taught and used via CVAP% Demo Targeting, common practice and source in every County/Parish & State, updated Tues or Thurs!
    Hmm, not much about the sad situation in Boone, NC, two Officers lost their lives and two civilians as well. Reminds me of a fallen, very young and very kind young Officer Killed on Duty. The Memorial featured Police and Sheriff Dept Vehicles from all over the State paying Last Respects. Passed in front of a mate’s house, we stood and presented as they honoured and followed to lay this young hero to rest, both hiding tears, but I took an admittedly shite vid (outta Respect, stability and framing weren’t priority. Showing a 15mins procession stretching miles and all the people who walked to pay Respects, was priority. Hoped to place it on YT and live stream but F Them (totally ((()))ed me/my biz over) If I can, I’ll put it on here.

    It was huge, every colour and individual came out sans BLM, that woulda been fun. Point of the vid was that! This was after the recent shite months ago and showed people still have Honour and Respect. Some do.

    No mention of the killer “with two stories” his smiling face from a selfie attached to General Stories without Images selected. Shocker!
    Durham had 7 homicides during FY Q1 up from 2020 and 15 Total YTD 2020 date reported 1 May (FY-Q1 Ended 15 April. Soooo, eight dead in a fortnight? Durham, random choice, saw 238 Shootings since 1 Jan and 64 Fatalities, up vs 2020, Police Chief stepped down, she’s heading to Memphis, and her last report was the Shooting in Clayton, NC a small RDU-suburb. The Durham Police Force is understaffed. Tried blaming ChinaFlu but recruitment is low and routine patrols are seeing ~20s less Officers per Shift than normal for average City patrols. (Will check numbers to confirm brief visit, so totals rounded down. Except 15 Figure. That’s real)

    So. Patterns (HOORAY) Time! Black on Black, Brown or White; Brown on Brown, Black or White, Female on Female Killing of a US Soldier, White Officers/Deputies Killed during Hostage stand-off and in the Line of Duty, two other deaths oh, that shooting outside a kids baseball game, hmmm. White Victims = Doesn’t matter. No protests. No Sunrise Bollocks. No Eight Demands? No BLM & Co? And look at me!!! Capitalising the word White!!!

    Can I get a Clown World HONK?
    More importantly, can we get an “F” dropped for the Officers, including my Local Boy? Thank you.


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    • tlamn.wordpress.com · May 11, 2021

      Forgot: Shooting at Carolina Place Mall, multiple shots both parties over sum beef, yo. Only injuries, as expected when you can’t hold a weapon properly, no fatalities between the pussies and lucky no bystanders were hit. My GF and I go there to chill a bit at the bookstore or walk around when possible. Guess carrying my H&K with HPRs makes me a bad person, a racist, and if I dropped someone shooting into a crowded GD Mall with families and My Baby, I’m going to be a social pariah?
      I’m cool with it. Morons. We’re turning into Morons.

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      • Viking Life Blog · May 11, 2021

        Yeah, sadly so.

        It’s good that you are thinking of your safety. Something that is illigal here.

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    • Viking Life Blog · May 11, 2021

      Honk and F

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