Interview with Seaxwulf

Great podcast with Seaxwulf and Anders Kjær.

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0:00 Introduction of our guest.
4:05 The history of New England.
21:58 Blacks in New England.
28:17 Post-industrial New England.
43:57 Dissident politics in New England and the story of our guest.
1:08:06 The Mannerbund.
1:36:28 Paganism.
2:05:19 Feminism and political strategy.
2:23:11 Closing comments.

Ruthless nepotism is the future!

Interview with Seaxwulf – (03/04/21) – Nordens Grænse

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New England

Maine: The Pine Tree State

Denmark, Maine

How To Talk Like a Mainer

Tactical Southern Mainerism

Maine Podcast: The Sperg Box Lorecast Season 1 & 2

The Sperg Box – Your final solution for esoteric Mainerism


Vermont Folk Troth | For a Free and United Vermont Republic

About USA

Andrew Dodson, the peace loving Alt-Righter driven to suicide by Leftists

Mannerbund – Strength, Honor & Fraternity


Much Ado About Brotherhood

Why Männerbund

All Roads Come from Männerbund

So You Want To Build A Mannerbund

The Absolute State Of Britain #98: Countering Focused Fuckery (With Nam/The Mannerbund)

NORDIC FRONTIER #187: Nam and the Mannerbund

Parallel society




Intentional community

Community Building – IRL

Lost Causes!

We are all in this together!

Billedresultat for germanic europe map

Who Made America Great?

The people that made America great is a minority now!

Ancestry Groups In The United States

Protestant work ethic

The myth of the ‘stolen country’

Manifest Destiny

English-only movement

American flag upside down

“White Americans”

Narcissists, Psychopaths, & Manipulators Are More Likely To Engage In “Virtuous Victim Signaling”, Study Finds.

New study shows that leftists, and especially those who identify as Marxists, suffer from mental illness more often.

The Frankfurt School and Critical Theory – Cultural Marxism

The Four stages of ideological subversion

Normal Men’s Physiological Response to Seeing Two Men Kissing: Same as Seeing Rotting Flesh and Maggots.

The Push to Normalize Pedophilia

Feminism & Cultural Marxism

Gender Quotas on Corporate Boards

NASDAQ Wants EVERY Company On Their Exchange To Have A Minority, Female Or LGBTQ Director

Law to require large German firms to have at least one woman on board

The two richest women in the world will have acquired their wealth through divorce

Norwegian warship accident raises questions on women in armed forces

Women Who Buy the Feminism Meme End Up OLD and ALONE

Percentage of Women older than 14 who have experienced violence by an intimate partner

The Karen Mindset: The Psychology of Entitlement

The Birth Control Pill is also a Mind Control Pill

List of sovereign states and dependencies by total fertility rate and by median age

Map of countries and territories by fertility rate as of 2020

Transgenderism is having ‘corrosive impact’ on society: UK think tank

Study Confirms Transsexual Hormone “Treatments” Lower IQ

Both Environment and Genetic Makeup Influence Behavior

Related image

When We All Spoke Danish

‘By God We’ll Have Our Home Again’


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