Prominent American “Anti-Racist” Jews Are Funding Racist Gangs Attacking Arabs In Israel

American Jews are bankrolling Zionist paramilitary groups that have been assaulting and terrorizing random Arabs on the streets of East Jerusalem. 

Two weeks ago,100s of Israelis chanted “Death To Arabs” as they attacked non-Jewish men, women and children during a demonstration organized by Lehava.

Two names that stand out are Adam Milstein, a real estate speculator, and the Falic family, which controls all the duty free shops that operate in US airports.

Prominent American “Anti-Racist” Jews Are Funding Racist Gangs Attacking Arabs In Israel – National Justice


  1. · May 12, 2021

    Ummm, this isn’t true!!! There weren’t 100’s chanting! Maybe five or six, and they were chanting “Death to those who have doubts about but aren’t really not dedicated against not supporting the opposition against our core beliefs of anti-anti-pro-Arab-anti-Palestinian-and/or-not-Arab-maybe-Israeli (time out. Brain hurts… All good) -but-could-be-considered-using-MWF-not-TTH-with-Lab-Scheduled-pro-Israeli-Jews-For-and-Against-The-Movement-to-possibly-but-not-definitely-and-kinda-ambiguous-Alliances-Against-The-Movement-Against-The-Stop-Not-Being-Against-Arabs-and-not-anti-pro-Palestinian-Group!

    Dammit. I need a Sidehatch.
    Hey, did you know Six Mil…


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    • Viking Life Blog · May 12, 2021

      lol. Yeah, they really require a lot of mental gymastics to make this look good.

      This is where we can drive a wedge between (((them))) and the “left”, especially the “far left”.

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      • · May 12, 2021

        Get Cozy! This is gonna take a while. Remember the Mantra, Nothing In Field Is Random. This carries across everything we do so it might seem unrelated but nope, it’s not. You lot are not 101s, so I didn’t need to use the Screens usually placed, but still, it is a lot and this remains a New Science, so drawing from known examples is easiest plus, you’ll see the Patterns after a bit. Bad news, this is Part One… Summarised. I Hope it helps and any questions are welcome. Off we go

        Looking into it, still. I’ve been “in” since 2018, fully accessed & vetted by the main Orgs and Databases since 18 months ago. Got plenty of info to prove the initial prospectus Report and meant to pull-out and resume Orders, but Orders change. I first noticed a few too many odd Patterns across the numerous Orgs and Groups & the Hubs used to communicate. Now, I’m glad I went in and I stayed (early part) because the Orgs shifted into gear a lot faster and with a degree of higher dedication and resources than our worst assumptions. Surprise.
        But the continuous chatter and repositioning from the (at the time) new Progressive Wing showed there were a lot more insightful caches waiting to be found, just needed to know what to look for and how to speak the language, otherwise a “mistake” in proper grammar might go unnoticed when it’s really a bright AF and obvious signal. (Again, I’m not special, just happened to be in an odd position) This Signal & Patterns are what leads to the major WTF? moments.
        OppoRe is exhausting and frustrating, doing it solo doesn’t help LOL, but it eliminates margins for error which we can’t afford and chances of losing my cover, I Am NOT Depressed or Suicidal! N/Sarc. I’m Not complaining, I love Campaign Politics, but it’s difficult trying to cover several Regions and keeping them from Bleeding-Through is priority. I say this because there’s an odd mix of positive and negative responses to the question.

        When the Progressive Dems started to get attention and assert independence from the DNC post-Schism early-2018, they were 100% “Fuck Israel”. Reasons differ between Orgs, but the Lead Groups share reasons and overlap often. Palestinian Freedom was/is a common rally cry, total bollocks as they couldn’t care less about the people but, they care about Victims and embrace the Mayan: The Enemy of my Enemy is my Mate ethos and in certain demographic regions, this is a huge “Campaign Gold” Topic.

        Cue the heavily disproportionate number of “refugees” from certain East African Failed States. Like the Arab and Persian national leaders, they don’t give a damn about Palestine, Statehood, the people etc. They’re simply a nice Geopolitical Tool used to piss off the West and blag solidarity between Sunni and Shi’ite Sects, and a common defense against US, Capitalism, Secularism, Christianity and Jews/Israel.
        They see it as an affront to their sphere of influence having “The Jewish State” or a Forward Operating Base within their AOR. From a Military Science POV, it makes sense. And kinda ends there, sans Theocratic Wankers.

        Now we move into a shared theme: Apathy and Citizens. It’s an Emotional Issue. Unless constantly reminded, most people wouldn’t think about it, they’ve real life problems like everyone else, but if shite goes pear-shaped and you’ve a shaky Gov’t, you gotta ensure your Base are on your side or too afraid to do otherwise. It’s esp ingrained in that Region and it’s carried away by “forced” Migration to settle and take root in their new “home” as you see, sadly, in Europe. Whilst not as large a demo here, yet, gaining the Protected Group Status is the goal and the US are seeing the first stages of Phase One as enacted in 2018, to bear fruit. No longer “The Protected Group = Call us a name and you’re in deep shite” the likes of IAPAC and ADL/SPLC/ACLU and IHRA plus, and understand I’m not joking: Hundreds of Actual and Thousands of “Shells” (basically, a domain name, landing page, half-arsed site construction and basic 101 information posing as a group of new and legitimate FEC Registered Orgs) sprang-up and went dark within one Campaign Season. ~3K total general estimate rounded down)

        It’s a lot I know, but it’s the only way to cover it all properly. Field don’t Half-Arse. Hell, this is much less than I would need to use whilst speaking with an avg GOP Base Voter or Party Leadershite.
        By combining the Palestinian suffering with their other Planks (The Sub-Issues used to create the Official Party Platforms) they increase their ability to add more people to the ranks, ppl who don’t know/give a damn about politics and couldn’t be arsed to cast a simple ballot if not for the (gotta be honest) impressive AF Field Outreach Programme used to solidify and harness this angst and whinging, weaponising and politicising it to 90% Enrichment Levels.

        They started this in the late 2000s and perfected the refinement processing in 2012. But Hubris made them blind to a few basic issues and 2010/11/14/15 and 2016 pissed them off. Like Biden being Elected, Pres Trump was Not the final nail because of the man or the position, it was because they fucked up and forgot to Solve for a few “minor” equations.

        What does this have to do with anything is going through heads and I don’t blame anyone, it’s an unnatural way to think and it’s complicated AF… At first. But, after a bit of time, it makes sense. Every Season I watch it happen. Here’s a way to imagine it:
        Going from raw Uranium Ore with .07% U235 composition to an enrichment level of 3-5% U235 or Reactor Grade, it requires ~84% more effort than going from 5% to 20% (LEU) used in Medicine, Reactor Research and US Navy Westinghouse Reactors, to 90% HEU Weapons Grade-Shite-Going-Boom Levels. Supergrade of Plutonium. Li6 if Lithium.
        The first steps are a bitch and cost the most in all resources, time and types.
        The Democratic Party and now, Progressive Dems, are in the higher stages of Enrichment and instead of wasting Resources^2, they’re able to focus on direct Actions and Longterm Goals.
        Israel is not one of them. Why? depends on who’s asking. If a Base Voter, “Because of Solidarity and anti-colonialism, end the White (Erm) Male Dominance and Patriarchy, Free Palestine, Down with Israeli Interests and joint US Military Industrial Complex, Down with Religious Leaders, Down with Hate & anti-LGBTQIC+IbeforeEexceptafterCandSometimesY “Rights” down with Guns… Used to shoot schools and minorities like they do in Palestine… {Hold on! That got a reaction!!! Awesome. Now, I’ll update this Mate Single-Issue Moron with this Zeno Issue. By E-Day, they’ll be willing to die for the Progressive Platforms. Remember, Everyone is a Number, a Metric and a means to an End. I’m not joking, I did this for years. It is impressive and incredible from a Tech and Data POV and it’s why all OG Field Directors take Vitamin Z to sleep at night. In fact, it’s a lot worse than it was, meaning bad news for Conservatives but that’s cool! QWiki will guide us!! SMGDH

        The above is known as Focused Targeting of a General Voter Demo Outreach. You Profile and Probe at this Stage, slowly introduce ideas but mostly listen and data-mine because most or 99% of ppl have no idea what you’re doing as you quietly mine everything you need about them, refining it and using it the following Seasons. Literally pushing buttons on a touch screen, hundreds of options and Combos.
        An Alpha Rated Field Rep will have you admitting your fears and Sins if given enough time and IF it’s something they need to accomplish that week’s Metric Goal. The rest, uploaded for the next New-Jack to apply. No Emotions. No Feelings. There are no Names. People are Numbers or Obstacles. Commodities to use as needed. Plastic Smiles and Blag like the Programme You Are/We Made You. (I don’t believe in said Programming but most of the Training used comes from what I learned. They did create this damn thing. And ((())) added Version 3 in 2016. Thankfully, I missed that update. Many didn’t and they aren’t the same mates I had. Revenge reason Two

        How else do you think they coaxed out the 17 – 29 Age Demo from Turnout Rates of 20% 2014, 36% 2018 and 79% 2020? Saw the largest VEP/VAP increase (all Demos) in 120yrs at 66.7%? “Well, Dominion…” Nope. Doesn’t work like that. But that’s the response you’ll hear on S. Media and what we hear daily whilst trying to explain how fucking Maths work! Sorry, touchy issue. Anyway, like Israeli Gov’t and Orgs/NGOs have mastered over the years, the Progs and Establishment Dems are “borrowing” a playbook to use in order to attain a lock on the Victims Paygrade.
        “That’s Hate Speech!!!” 1. I do not care. 2. I do not recognise “Hate Speech” because all Speech is Equal, so any offended out there may suck my REAL bollocks.

        Anyone notice how quickly we went from Normality to Whiskey Tango Foxtrot is going on? Think it was a Random series of events that just happened to converge simultaneously and erupted into a shite show?
        Random that the Holy See orders US Bishops to ease-up/stop criticising Pres Biden?
        Random that Biden Blagged Saudi, UAE, Bahrain and Morocco after taking office? Where’s the outrage? Muslim Nations got screwed proper-like and all the “Muslim Hate is at an all time high” pushers don’t say a GD word? But Fuck CPC bc they loosed a GD Pathogen and killed civilians bc they’re incapable of original thought and voila!! Neo-Victims! Distraction Complete. Move Muzzie Hate down one. No, we never adjust Anti-Semitism and Anti-Zionism (the Top 1% searched terms on as of 1300R Hrs.
        Wait. What?
        They are pulling a very rare move: The Nigerian Double Switch-Back. Only Bloomberg has pulled one off in Modern Times.

        Flags of Convenience
        Allies of Convenience
        Keep these in mind

        Here’s where it gets real: These Orgs are learning at rates faster than anticipated and growing like an 8yo girl on both Hormone Suppressant and Replacement Therapies with IM Testosterone 10ccs per week and Clomid 3x per week orally. Maybe 2mg Arimidex just because.
        Sarcasm over, yep, things are not good but how in the Hell are They both Victims and Beneficiaries? The Progs hate them. Literally, HATE THEM. Most Dems turned anti-Israel 2019 and reintroduced early-to-mid 2020. Not saying they became Hammer Skins (no. Hammers would boot-stomp the first pronoun corrector and Boot Party “their” friends)
        It’s an OG play and is known as the lowest, most unseemly, Behaviour Unbecoming a Gentleman and pretty gaudy even in Politics, which is saying something, They Are Double Dipping. Blaggging everyone and playing us like fools. All Roads lead to Rome, all Resources (Financial and Campaign) can, if you have the time and stomach or no choice, be traced to a Shared Common Source, Group of Sources. And ONE “House”

        Cue Mayan comment again. Cue Patterns. Apply Categories: History and Freedom of Speech.
        Focus: Sovereign & Legitimate Western Nations. Select Baseline Example, Hyper Spec: Germany.
        Beta One: Hand Gestures = Fines and Jail
        Beta Two: Expressing an OPINION or asking a question = See above Penalties. Repeat and apply across one and a half Generations or until it becomes a Learned Invol Behaviour and Societal Norm. Taboo Status = Attained. Please, move to next Target after Solving for X, Y and Z. Deployment on Schedule?
        Copy That.

        USA Aquired. Time to Endgame = 24yrs max if we remain within a limited acceptable range of variations not to exceed ABC-%.
        Prep Phase Four, initiate Planks Eight- 15 and Release. Planks Away. Cleared BUS re-entry confirmed. CEP = Negligible.
        Why??? The main opposition Party don’t have a GD Damn Clue what’s about to PWN their collective Arse. They’re counting bamboo fibres, making signs, following False Profits who appear as what the DSM-IV-TR still Kinda called: Borderline Fucking Retarded.
        Takes some of the fun away, don’t you think?
        What!!!!??! No! It’s payback for the Six Mil you POS! Shoot him!

        Fade out.

        “Amendment One is the first target. If we lose any Pillars, that’s us sorted”
        “We can’t lose 2019 and 2021. Their Focus is on REDRAWING THE MAPS!! This is the Goal. DNC aren’t the HNIC anymore! April 2020”
        “(Every day since 2015) They’re better at this than you can imagine! By the time they arrived at the Polls, the Faud already happened (June or August) i. e. There’s NOTHING to observe! However, fancy doing something that not only helps to increase our chances but can be explained in simple mathematics and/or English? 3.5 Hrs/Wk is all we need and they’ll never see it coming… But I’m going to go burn Two Hours listening to E-Celeb (Read: GOP taking more advantage of them than an arsehole on Prom Night – guys who do this deserve a boot party btw. Respect Women – but in this case, these Snake/Oils or quasi-Motivational Speakers deserve it as they are complacent, about what, we’ve zero ideas, but they offer a bonk-AF direct line to Emo Base Voters and GOP Leadershite don’t wanna hear about Maths and 99.998% proven Theories. At least not yet, after an arse kicking and a “Safe” District or State goes Blue, interesting they suddenly remember phone numbers and names, Yes and No Sir, you know, basic manners. And shite a brick when they open the estimate email. Funny? Absolutely. Occurring in larger numbers and faster rates necessary to make a dent? Absolutely NOT. e. g. Final International Relations Focus pre-EDay? Recognise State of Israel oh yeah, that whole and ~$1 Trillion combined FMS, the jobs, counter to Iran & BRI/PRC and Our Word as a Nation. How. In. The. Holiest. Of. All. Fucks. Does a Nation broker an IR/FP Deal between another State and several former aggressor States, US Allies and creating a solid Trade Framework that helps our economy, only to see EVERY OTHER State, including Us get shafted and Israel who played sod-all efforts, come out on top? Not kidding. I majored in IR/FP. It doesn’t work like that!
        Clown World.

        This isn’t a Test. This is Real. Wake THE HELL UP, Western World. We are DYING!
        But, muh Soros… Someone pistol whip whomever said that, please. Thank you.

        Verhofstadt and Soros are dicks, as I enjoy saying, but they’ve been Dicks a longtime. Like Nationalism and, sigh, AntiFa gs, they existed before 2016, I mean REAL N’Lism in case any Normies see this. Doubt they made it this far… Long answers but I’m not finished, I just summarised the last half to create a decent endpoint for now. I’ve a Data-Dive to learn how they’re going to Arse-rape us using the Map Redraws. Ohio, Colorado, Texas and Arizona already produced Gains. Earlier than expected. But Anti-Semitism is on the rise!! All attention must remain there, on White Guilt and how Climate Change and Racism, sry, systemic racism share a GD Correlation.

        Honk! Honk!

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      • · May 16, 2021

        Rule Nimber One:
        Nothing In Field…
        Wow, this post aged well-AF!! Noticed some “Off” Movement in two of the Lead/ProgDEM Orgs shortly after the original post. The final update especially shows the Schism remains dynamic. But adding Focused Issues & Leg Attempts during the final GOTV hours before Spec Elections, several Must-Wins, 4 Targeted (State Leg), 1 Targeted (US Cong) & Several Primary/Spec Down-Ballots and Muni usually means: Every STFU!! State-Focused Orgs, prove your GD Worth. Or…

        Then it hits. The Overlapping Calls-To-Action and Days of Action; the Acts & Bills in US Cong (Highest Value:This Phase) and getting ppl to believe the bollocks plus the “threat of GOP Voter Surpresion” Leg & State Bills Passing {Tally is 361:20+:2 Total:Passed:Awaiting/on-Deck to get signed.

        Then, one of the OG State Orgs drops the most random info and cry for attention, whilst they’re sending many ppl ~8 Emails per Day, as are their Secondary Groups, but they’re riding the new trend of “Online Petitions” a.k.a. Willingly give us your private thoughts under false pretences.
        Number one was to Pres Biden.
        The Follow-Up seemed to be out of order or a mess-up, but seeing the Sender, no accident. Quite a brilliant play placing the burden at the Executive and Biden keeping the Eight Promises, before sending a bombshell. The timing to do this during GOTV? Takes Bollocks!

        TL;DR I think I’ve a solid answer and will post the bare bones, at least, after verifying that the Sources and Comms are BOOSH!

        You’re gonna love this one. Best part? It’s total bullshite but might work… TBC ASAP


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  2. · May 12, 2021

    UPDATE: Pipeline. 65% of NC Petrol Stations reporting No Fuels! All Grades and Diesel. Price Jump per Gallon Regular $.40; Avg In Our AOR = $2.99 Reg… If you can find it.

    Update: Charlotte MSA Reporting 70% Stations Out of Fuel (All Grades and Diesel Fuel) Prices Climbing as per…

    Thank God! Moving to FPosture 3. The Colonial Pipline is Repaired. However, they gotta get fuel to the Stations. So it’s gonna be a bit. Many are closed. But, we avoided Day 10.

    Random posting but WP app glitched when I was trying to post the first two updates ~1700Hrs +/- 15mins both sides, and then the last Notif arrived whilst writing.
    Be safe and please, if you can read/see this, take time to offer help to Fam/Strangers who might need it.


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  3. · May 18, 2021

    Pardon the Clowning Around. We’re in GOTV -5:30Hrs to EDay (Special Elections in PA, State House Dists 57 & 60; and State Sen Districts 22 & 48 (Both House and PASD 48 are CPVI and ”Big Three (including Cook) Clearinghouse Average” Rated as Generally Safe (GOP)
    SD 22 is a Blue District but things can change! Most importantly, State Supreme and Appellate Courts, School Boards and Municipal, Four State Ballot Measures and Local B. Measures are on tap with Philadelphia Attorney General ranked as HVT, AF!!
    IOW: It’s pandemonium but rather controlled, so nothing unexpected!
    An exception would be the out-of-state interests, but later.

    I found several odd mentions whilst in OppoRe and Data Dive mode this weekend and wanted to post, as said early Sunday, but the updates from Thurs & Friday finally came through and the Patterns aligned, oddly.
    Groups and Orgs that aren’t exactly “Mates” joined together with several 100% ProgDems and some Prog/EstDem hybrids taking an Anti-Israel Posture against the “recent bloodshed”.

    I say recent as the Bill Submitted 21 April, I mean re-submitted as it was submitted during the 115th and 116th Sessions of US Congress, by Rep. Betty McCollum “(DFL-Minn”) MN-04; CPVI D+14 or 99th most Dem District in US. The “DFL” = Democratic Farmer-Labour Party, the same sub-group who’s held the seat last 49yrs, Rep. McCullom since 2001

    Cue her third time’s the charm: 117 Congress, First Session, submission H.R. 2590 short title: The Defending the Human Rights of Palestinian Children and Families Living Under Israeli Military Occupation Act”
    As stated, it builds on Leg Introduced 115 & 116th Sessions.

    I won’t bore with details, but the fact she cited the UN Charter on Human Rights, Article 2(4) and UN Office for the Coordination for Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) as both source and as potential standards and Oversight are kinda bonk. Worse, data used comes from Human Rights Watch, §7 HRW World Report-2020 is a bit off. Remember, just because the name implies something doesn’t mean shite. HRW are more popularly known as “The premier US LGBT ‘Rights’ Org and played a huge role in the Redistricting Plans initiated as Beta Testing in VA State Gov’t (Winning a Complete Trifecta) and instrumental in NC-09 or #SueTilBlue. These Betas were more than successful btw, so gonna leave a #CalledIt here)

    This “New Bill” has the same co-sponsors and over 150/200 Major Orgs and Financial Sponsors backing them (the Flow Charts are impressive. They are nearly identical with those used… Anyway.
    This Bill cites the amount of US Financial and Foreign Assistance – Note, not Aid – sent by US Taxpayers… $146, 000, 000, 000 (not adjusted, Current as of writing) since end of WWII. The amount makes them the largest emulative recipients of US Foreign Assistance in the world, duh! But let’s look at numbers. Interestingly, she doesn’t cite Pres Trump for the most recent amt earmarked specifically for Palestinian Humaitarian Aid, $500 Mil, part of 2016 Memorandum of Understanding (Fiscal Year 2019 – FY 2028) replacing previous MOU through FY2018. Difference? $30 Bil vs. $38Bil and the Consolidated Appropriations Act 2021 (Public Law 116-260) $3.3Bil in FMF and $795Mil in special “Offshore Procurements” which may include, historically and in the present, or not, actions counter to US Laws re FMS to foreign nations to be built and used as they fancy without exactly high amount of oversight. This Act was Second FY MOU Addition by Pres Trump plus the $500 Mil Migration and Refugee Assistance (MRA), Reauthorisation of War Reserve Stock Allies-Israel (WRSA-I) through 2023. $500 Mil Missile Defence; $73 Mil Iron Dome; $177 David’s Sling; $77 Mil Arrow 2 and $173 Mil Arrow 3.

    $38 Bil Military Assistance = 33 FMF Grants = $5 Mil Mis. Def.

    Wow. Really? So if #Baozi gets Uppity, will the IDF/IAF fly all 50 F-35I to help and support or supply and logistics lines, maybe attack and force a Dual Front War?
    Saudi would. Just saying.

    Here’s the odd part. The Info pouring out and I’m assuming (haven’t checked today’s updates… yet. sob.) running on the typical outlets, but 48 hrs ago, the direct Comms from Executive and those from Prog Orgs and Congress Members, the new Alliances and Partnerships formed (like, really, really odd) only gets weirder. Timing is not right and suddenly showing a united Front days after adding Plancks 9 – 15 and that Doozy of an announcement should have everyone going: WTF? IOW It ain’t related to the recent acts seen on TV. That’s 100% Verified although it serves as a nice motivation and timing especially when added or introduced into the “Demands” as stated by the ProgDems.
    The wording from the Hubs and Database are curious at best and shocking at worst.

    Most Shite part? They couldn’t care less about anyone suffering. It’s a Blag but Brilliant in execution, AGAIN!!

    PS: Arms Export Act 1976 [22 USC 2751, 271 et seq. is one of several that make you go WTF!? But, the Bill is a bit ambiguous and too much assigned to the UN and using HRW as a Primary Source? What is this, 101? FFS. LOL HONK!!!

    PSS: Same Orgs overlapping re the “New Targeting of Heritage Foundation {technically, Heritage Action. Only one of ten Majors got that right. Big Difference. But no, this is OLD!! Focus began in Nov. So don’t let OANN and WikiQ sell you differently. This is only the general information, the commonality between the ProgOrgs is most unsettling. Will upload after I’ve time to add Time/Anti-Poach Stamps, and Blur certain parts of Pics before posting.
    Happy directly sending undoctored if y’all fancy.

    (Full Disclosure: Heritage Foundation and Heritage Action are Clients, Associates and Friends)


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