Battle of Annaberg – Germany and Poland Fight Over Silesia

Polish people has always been full of hatred, jealousy and inferiority complex, towards White people.

The question of the allegiance of the ethnically mixed region of Silesia had already caused heated diplomatic arguments between Germany, Poland and the Allies after the First World War. After a divisive plebiscite the situation escalated into violence. Neither Germany nor Poland could officially send troops, but German Freikorps and Pro-Polish militias fought it out.

The Great War

East German Castles and Mansions

Breslau Puppet Theater

Breslau Water Tower

Stolen Land: Breslau

Stolen Land: Stettin

Stolen Land: Rastenburg

Stolen Land: Köslin

Stolen Land: Danzig

Stolen Land – Oder–Neisse line

The Disappearance of the Eastern Germans

Read about WWII here

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