USS Liberty

USS Liberty (AGTR-5) was a Belmont-classtechnical research ship (i.e. electronic spy ship) that was attacked by Israel Defense Forces during the 1967 Six-Day War. She was originally built and served in World War II as a VC2-S-AP3 type Victory cargo ship named SS Simmons Victory. Her keel was laid down on 23 February 1945, under a Maritime Commission contract at Oregon Shipbuilding Corporation of Portland, Oregon.

On the afternoon of 8 June 1967, while in international waters off the northern coast of the Sinai PeninsulaLiberty was attacked and damaged by aircraft of the Israeli Air Force and motor torpedo boats of the Israeli Navy; 34 American crewmen were killed and 174 wounded. Though Liberty was severely damaged, with a 39-by-24-foot (11.9 m × 7.3 m) hole amidships and a twisted keel, her crew kept her afloat, and she was able to leave the area under her own power.

USS Liberty (AGTR-5) – Wikipedia

“USS Liberty: Dead In The Water” (BBC Documentary 2002)


  1. ᛋᛠᛉ · May 19

    I seen a few guys outside our group wearing USS Liberty hats. Not a bad dog whistle.

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  3. tonytran2015 · May 19

    Has Pepe the Frog been called a hate symbol and censored by (((them))) ?

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    • Viking Life Blog · May 19

      Yes, I am not sure how censored. I think, that you can find a number of frogs on ADL’s “hate symbol” list.

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      • Copy That.
        Ditto SPLC, ACLU and “The Beast” Database. Will scour for images during next window.

        For the Fallen Heroes;


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      • Viking Life Blog · May 20

        What is “The Beast” Database?


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      • Re Censorship Lvl:
        One. sigh.
        Most 3rd Party Apps won’t allow Pepe and Co Memes or GIFs or remove them ASAP/Ban Avi Users. S Media (Twit, YT, FB esp) have new in-house teams with ppl borrowed from Prog Orgs checking but, and this is kinda frightening for Amendment One, the number of “Volunteers” in each of these Org Classes act as Irregular Forces. They get reaffirmation rewards and are pulling “Reserve and Mop-Up Duty” reporting to the Orgs to upload and hand-off to Brennen Centre and the Mobile Hubs, and searching for Accts to Flag. Main reason Twitter Pond became less Cozy.

        We’ve a new Hybrid NGO/Org – listed as For-profit in Deleware of course, but based outta UK – Sidehatched a small way into 2020 US Election Process. Suddenly back but Rookie Mistakes!!’ They kept archives of posts and links from Aug-Jan as a way to “boost Cred” LOMFL! Found several, including a pot of shekel, that the Lead US Orgs Scrubbed from the servers 24 Jan (all good, downloaded to XHDs, everything) but this was a literal WCS Op!! 325 Major PACs, Supporting Groups, Biden Team and Donors are all there, © & ™ Colour logos included. Jumped from 270 to 325 < wk. Quietly sent Stand Down Orders to All "Local Groups" Even have maps with pins showing where and direct contact emails and texts sent to "me".
        Re the new Group

        Co-Founder = Arsehole and former Obama Team Head of Digital Rapid Response Team. Includes both PACs and Journalism Programmes at two US Unis. hence the highest threatening Status. They just Finished a ReOrg and ReStructured to conduct "NonProf" involvement in US. Holding Symposium on combatting "Online Hate and Media" nine days. RSVP = G2G. Will include all information as a file after for each participant to DLoad and Keep.

        The other Lead Orgs finish May's Focus (FB) next week as well. Need to condense data when time allows but the Outlines are enough to make the Red Mist appear. Oddly, several Groups are either contributors or using similar online lesson plans. Forecast Goal, as assumed, removing Comms before 2021/22 Cycles and limiting online debate and info access.
        Updated this afternoon, Memes are going to be graded using the Dis/Mis/Mal information scale starting before Nov 2021. Huge Movement. Planned Nov/Dec. They're keeping a tight schedule, which is an issue, but learning the How To and Best Practices should offer a chance for a Counter. Data isn't an issue, decoding isn't an issue but getting the data to our Side is.
        Open to ideas. Until then, and as per, Nothing is… and look for green.

        If possible, remind me to remove this Reply in a few, just in case. More than I fancy, but after today, they aren't fucking around. We gotta get out People Ready and Focused. This is for Keeps and I fucking hate losing.


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    • ᛋᛠᛉ · May 20

      Yes. Along with Milk, as I believe.

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    • ᛋᛠᛉ · May 20

      Nope. Just checked the A.D. EL, and yeah, Pepe is up. But I guess making milk and indexed hate logo was a step too far. Maybe in a few years when the Boomers are gone and the Soypocalypse begins. Reference: … … Cue “big gay” plz.

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  4. Sigh. Knew this day would come. How are you at taking really bad news? Doesn’t matter, ’cause I’m about to ruin your day!!

    The Beast is the name given by the Field Teams working for the DTrip or the infamous DCCC, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the Elites of the Alphabet Soup: DNC, DSCC (Senatorial) and DCCC. The literal OGs of Field along with MoveOn and OFA and OFA^2. But, DTrip HATED the other two Orgs (and pt 2 of OFA) and they hated us. The DNC and DSCC weren’t training or active in Field yet, so DTrip filled in and helped cover their Arse as well, but sans the distasteful feelings held towards MO and OFA.

    This wasn’t friendly rivalry. Every time the F Director mentioned OFA, the F Bomb followed. They wee glorified volunteers pulling 5 days a wk and had limited Acces to the main Tool and Number One Advantage the Left had, has and will have over Conservatives; THE collection of several Dem Databases feeding one giant DBase a.k.a. The Beast.
    All DCCC Reps, after passing Wash-Out Period (~75% won’t make it past 72Hrs, rest < 1wk) by 5th attempt Group, when you're fully approved you're given a Contract & receive a postcard sized paper. This repeats every 28 Days.

    This paper has a 28 Character random AF Code, unique to you, allowing you access to the Full depths of the Database. The Watchers are online 24/7 and any improper usage WILL Flag and you've answers to give. I am deadly serious.

    There is another Data and Comms Tool, but limited to certain Teams and Orgs to use. Since hoppin on S Media, We/I've never seen or heard it mentioned and since beginning this OppoRe DeepDive 15 – 18 months ago (I can't remember. It's a Bleed-Through Side Effect. Like speaking in Field without realising it, it's not on purpose, it's because it's all day, everyday and you forget to turn it off. It's normal but with Field being new and selective AF, not many ppl are familiar and it sounds like we're robots or insane. Bit of both TBH.
    The reason I say "ask me" is exactly why! I don't notice it, no one does, so we eventually forget to switch it on and off (that's the Goal of the Training Period and Year1. i.e. Intake and Programming. Unless you're cool with being Cold, Ruthless and Executing Orders as assigned, I don't recommend this, in the event you're HHunted. More on that process another day. This is a complex world and it's pretty messed-up. Luckily, you reach a point where you regain control but this depends on who you are and how badly they broke you. GD, how I loathe them. Every damn one aside from my First Team, they can each lick my bollocks after I take their Mum(s) to the ATM. Soulless pieces of garbage.
    Sry. Where was I… On yes!
    The amount of information held inside, on every Citizen, is shocking. Are you an American? Registered to vote? Illegal immigrants who should be purged from the Rolls… But are not? You're in The Beast. Your, their, our etc. info is inside.
    This info updates on schedules, using County BoE and State Oversight Board Update Reports made available to all Citizens every Tues or Thurs (depending on State) at 0900R. This collection of Data Reports are called The CVAP% Updates. Usually six pages per County and available for anyone interested in Voter Info every week per year/Cycle. It shows The Major Demos: Age, Sex, Party (DEM; GOP; LIB; and IND/UnAf the latter based on what the State Law says, Independent or Un-Affiliated), Active v InActive Voters per County, per Precinct, State House District and State Senate Districts, movement per Weekly Cycle showing the +/- & % changes. Also, Number Registered and Total Eligible (VAP/VEP) Voters per County.
    Field Reps, who aren't OFA/MoveOn/Other Morons, are there first thing to grab "The Stack" plus it's not a bad idea… Add this to later pile.

    Okay, this info started at State and went to County. The Beast Updated when the State posted.
    This IS IMPORTANT!!! It took until 2020 before Conservative and GOP Orgs began doing basic Field Outreach Tasks, like Calls (PBs) and Texts using the State Board and Voter Rolls as PRIMARY SOURCES FOR OUTREACH!

    Damn. 2020 and that's where we are? Bad sign. Really bad sign. Don't believe me, please see 2018, 2019, 2020 and we're taking bets on 2021!

    The Beast takes this "Secondary Rated info" to adjust the basic baseline per Fed, Regions, States, Districts, Precincts etc. v. Previous Week Metrics per Team and Reps, v Assigned Goals per Metric and Numbers met or failed, plus data added by Field Teams and Data-Miners IRT; that from the Profilers using it to complete a, erm, profile and chose Focused Demos per Rep etc.
    This is added to the Servers and Buffers. Depends on your Ratings, if high enough, you can access and search several dozen past Cycles simultaneously and solve for one or 100s of Combos per Vol and Voter. Cue charts, graphs, projected, current, SQL Logjams, Regional Service providers and Outages caused by system overloads because so many are volunteering the local networks can't carry the loads. Most common during GOTV but DOAs and such also shut shite down.

    Then it calculates, the RFDs and National Dirs assign new Goals per Team and Rep.

    Every conversation, call, meeting etc. a well Trained Rep will notice & mentally or using a screen or notepad, record EVERYTHING you say or note your responses and reactions.
    These are updated every minute and as said, major Update occurs Friday 0230R. So, when creating Outreach Lists, a Highly Rated Rep has access to everything necessary to complete a List with Emotional "Push Button" Issues, literally click the box or touch the screen: Abortion, Guns, Illegals, White N'Lists, VoterID, "Insurrection", name it. It is in there. If you can read this You are in there.
    In case any new ppl see this, it pre-dates WikiQ by a decade. And it's real and worse than I can accurately reflect because it's always growing and updating with new functions added after Beta Testing. And new Betas added per cycle.

    Whilst GOP Leadershite and Base Voters chased Red Herrings in 2018, 2018 and like 2020/21, and as the pre-Schism Dems prepared for other Elections, learning exactly where and why they lost using The Beast's data & metrics, plus Field Theory and not repeating shite Patterns that are default failures, the gap between them and Conservatives grew.

    The Beast (again, named as such by the Teams who used it because it gave an accurate AF picture (SR-71 Styleé) about Voters and Vols before they were contacted) Ditto Vols. Were they dependable? All talk, Blaggers, wouldn't show after signing up for shifts, One & Done's, Lazy Voters, EmoSIVs, Base Voters etc. All of this more = The Beast.
    Financial Info. Targeted Finance Plans. Projected Amounts.
    How to bypass Spam Filters. LOL these are only a few examples.

    As Cycles come and go, it grows. Like Field, it is Dynamic and evolves every Day. The intro in 2008 of Modern Field was "The Great Pivot" and all changes to the Rules of The Game were written and coded by the Dems. We're playing their Game now. No choice but to do so. Happens often and history is full of examples, but they caught us slipping and BOOSHED our arses. We have a few options, or we did, but Windows close.

    Remember, Modern Field Theory is ~13yrs old. I was Head-Hunted several years into it (long story. No, I was never and am not a Dem. I was HHunted Out-of-District as is SOP) They did some horrible shite, hence one of my reasons for Revenge and why I know so GD much about the Enemy.

    However, I did go out in style. At least I thought it funny. DC? Not so much, the fuckers. But for 15mins, on EDay that Year, every Leader of the DNC, DCCC & DSCC down to State and District Party knew and cursed my Name. LOL.

    What they do is Wrong. How they manipulate ppl is Wrong. How they pull-off Voter Fraud made me so ill it was the only time I've told a Boss or Superior "No. I'm not doing that. Moral and Ethical Standards won't allow me to dishonour my Word and Name, My Homeland and People" Of course, this was expected and a plan was enacted to cover this. Yep. That precisely tuned

    Yep. Voter Fraud is real. It's not new. There's NOTHING to observe. It happens way before EDay. Yes, I've evidence and physical proof. No, I'm not Depressed and not Suicidal.
    Not that it matters. Already tried giving this info away, same as Field Info in general.

    Plus, who needs someone from the other side, Ranked X#? And Rated Top Y% Nationally when you've idiots teaching ppl how to make homemade signs and look like total Wankers standing on street corners! Yes Sir, that helps us "Win" not lose majorities, Trifecta etc. and it's wayyyy more important than mathematics and Logic.

    Hence #ITried. #WeTried. GOP had no clue about anything Field related. Didn't understand the new tech and Outreach Approaches and sure as Hell weren't listening to some "kid" offering to share said info for Free to help save the Party from LifeLessons. Telling them "You're Doing It Wrong"

    Ditto Orgs. AFP in particular but several dozens of State and Federal. In fact, two announced in Feb; they were "changing how they used their Field Action, Outreach Groups or WTF they fancy calling it" Programmes!
    Good for them.
    Oh… They're teaching and doing what DCCC did in 2012. Shite.

    The Beast is all of this and more. They have Universes that each Team can access or are locked, trending IRT trackers, Watch Lists, "Hate Speech" Alerts. It's worse than I can describe.
    But, It is a thing of horror and beauty. It's Art and Science. It's efficient and effective with a B61-12 CEP-like range. Tiny. Perfect, like Maths, Waves and Animals, Numbers don't lie. People manipulate and those who're good and/or have a captive audience willing to believe anything, it's not hard making ppl do what you need in order to hit your weekly Goals.

    Oh and this the 101 Course. There's another Tool the Progs and Dema won't mention on SMedia or outside of Paid Staff Comms. Their Ace in the Sleeve. Imagine a SMedia Server without Censorship. Where Memes can be shared, or Data and Comms without Libs or Progs reporting us/Algos and Devs spying and Suspending us. Similar to a Gab but a platform that's always working, 5×5, no Registration to be Verified esp. the more you pay, and usable as an App, Web App or as Side-Hatch.
    Now imagine that SOB operating 24/7/365 since 200?
    It is real. I hoped when ppl heard about it they'd be pissed. But that was years ago. Like today, ppl don't care about Censorship until: An E-Celeb is Suspended, or a massive Purge (we're on Five, btw, the QPurge wasn't a new idea.) and ppl see their Follower Numbers Decrease!!!! Then, they care.

    Like Voter Fraud, when you think/are told to notice or give-a-toss, it was done before you assumed Posture.
    But Trust that Plan, WIGWAMfam! How's it going so far? Can I interest you in some "News" several weeks old or are we all caught up? Nope. Still counting fibres. Cool! Not like the Progs and Dems Mobilized 2x as many ppl in 2020 v 2018 and that's not accounting for any other databases and hubs outside The Beast.

    Look Forward. The past is Data to be applied to future Plans.
    We Rise
    We Fall.

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  5. It is. And not being dramatic saying: It gets worse.

    The main Operator has a Monopoly on the Databases, Servers, Trainings, Access Levels etc. And as of a few months ago, “absorbed” the ProgDems major Comm Hub and associated Networks, guaranteeing DEMs an advantage but the Progs were building a separate DBase before news or rumours arrived. Still, most of the main Leads use it at least for Campaigning and Comms but it’s not cheap. $5K per month avg. and that’s bare minimum training and no emergency support. Plus, ALL Data added will be exported and kept (harvested) by the DBase.
    It’s also a Finance Tool. I’m behind but hope to have a post showing the progress between 2018 and 2020, firm numbers. Most Metrics and Torals -100-200+% increases. Unique IDs, Donors. (That Total is humbling but shows a DIRECT connection to another group, adding to the Thesis that all are connected by a lynchpin to avoid FECA Regs. They continue expanding at a fast AF rate making Tracking harder. Luckily, the smallest details are overlooked by Staff and those flash bright as Flares whilst we’re Diving. IDed a new Org, 501(c)4 yesterday by font, wording and layout before closer look showed same P. O. Box address!! The timing and name are concerning as it proves these were in action a long time before Officially Activated. Domain Names as well. All =
    Planned and Structured, at least this Group and Lead 2.

    It’s not a Rabbit Hole, it’s a damn Rabbit Warren Watership Down Styleé (Top 3 Fav Book)
    Problems are as per:
    Too many examples, too many branches, too many overlaps, too many names and too many discoveries.
    Not enough Time and sure as Hell not enough people.

    Still gotta try, though.

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    • Viking Life Blog · May 21

      Good. We all have to do our small part!

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      • Exactly. Wish more held that Ethos. I know more do and they’re out there, just a matter of finding and reaching them. The People and Homeland > Party Demo Groups.

        Sod the GOP & Base. They can have (((Echo Chambers))) meanwhile their Homeland – the only place they can go if all goes pear -is at risk. But the attention stays, or snaps back and fixed on shite with ZERO bearing on the real threats here and Europe. Those here or in motion, Now. Not 1940s. Not what happens if… or How to protect “Us” from…? From what? It happening again? Rwanda not counting, huh? I read all three pages about Rwanda on the Museum Website. Ummmmmm? Why. Why must ppl go there to a place that was HELL and use it to speak to victims about their (via narratives) experiences in order to help educate? Are they day drunk???

        Who does a Conventional Countervalue Airstrike taking out 19 Hospitals and Healthcare Centres, Drs and Nurses, in one night?
        “They use Human Shields…” That’s what surgical Tactial Ground Units do. Minimise collateral damage. Even in Battle, Honour is shown or it was. That was sick? Who does that and gets a pass? Even Progs only using it to further their Issues. I’d be ashamed if an Ally acted in such a way. But it’s cool. Only Democracy and all that.

        Clowned like Carl (ATHF)

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      • Viking Life Blog · May 22

        If our people keep it up, our future will be like Rwanda. I don’t believe it will come to that, but it could happen. The non-Whites around us are growing in numbers, all the time. And they are primitive and corrupt enough, to do such a thing.

        “They use Human Shields…”

        When and where did this happen?

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      • BINGO!! The media repeats the narrative and ppl blindly follow, or else. I think my comment re Rwanda v. Holocaust might be the reason I was initially Flagged. I said: No one was coming to free anyone. No Eastern Front. No Western Front. Hell, no Forced Labour “option”. And no Worldwide outrage and obligations to pay after!
        Today, Rwanda is doing a LOT better than their neighbours and it wasn’t/isn’t paid with German and American, Scandinavian, Swiss, Austrian, French, British, Martian, etc. weaponry and monies. Hmmm, funny how that works

        The population forecasts through 2050 show the number of Major, Minor, Folk and Non-Religion(s) in America/Canada and Europe flipping in response to the population shifts. An inversion that’s opposite of usual trends but explained via Migratory Rates.
        Christianity shows the largest net loss across all areas and Muslims gaining esp. US & Europe, but it’s from where they’re migrating that’s the big issue. These aren’t educated U.A.E. PhD Students or skilled labour Demos, more akin to the first EU Invasion, they tend to be more likely to adhere to radicalised forms of Shi’a, no desire to assimilate (more of an I’m here. Give me shite. Conform to my needs!) North and Sub-Saharan African Failed States.
        Jews are forecast to lose approx 1.2 Million. Reason? Aside from typical Mortality Rates, emigration from Europe/N. America to Israel.

        Guess that explains the continuing demolishing of buildings housing innocent civilians in order to build & make space to accommodate potential influxes?
        CIA World Factbook; UN World Book/Reports; US NIH Population Outlooks; several Papers from ResearchGate as Sources. Last part is a cheeky assumption.

        Great point though!! It made me think of S. Africa and I can’t believe I overlooked it! One thing that does bother me is what happened in/what’s happening there. Especially when Winnie Mandela was Mrs “OG”
        The sheer brutality & hatred, the crude but vicious means, similar to Rwanda and machetes, but worse if possible, of the crimes are utterly appalling.
        e.g. Necklacing. That is unimaginable horror. Who does that to any living being? Who thinks to do that in the first place?
        And they literally got/get away with murder because of Guilt and making anything negative in coverage = Racism etc.

        Even the constant dehumanising and killing innocent civilians takes a huge amount out ppl’s spirit. No one talks ab PTSD or Complex PTSD manifesting bc of repeated acts of violence against Palestinians. The children suffer TBI, C/PTSD, and it usually goes without identifying, let alone treatment, and it doesn’t go away. Not all injuries involve blood and many of those never heal, worse, they’re never given a chance to TRY to learn how to live with and cope/face the issues that will be there everyday. Imagine entire generations scarred in such s way. That’s not anything close to humane treatment and it’s Wrong. I don’t care wtf happened back when, it’s not Right to inflict what’s basically tortuous acts on ppl.

        For some damn reason, The West is inviting the basic variables needed to complete the equation to solve: How to best Screw Ourselves whilst ensuing “Protected Groups” (not our Homeland, People – Gen. Statement: Allies are Always implied! Love to ALL Fam!! We can do this!! Don’t ever lose Hope! -) are “safe, secure and sorted” We allow the growth inside out Borders. We allow the additional numbers to flood our Regions/States/Districts. We allow this artificial Demographic bastardisation to undergo fermentation, Hell, we boost it to Higher Gravity like a damn Trappist Monastery centuries old, dank as Hell, Beer!

        Dr. Huntington was right. As is Patrick J. Buchanan (über-OG) The Death of the West.
        Sry this bounced around too much, trying to do too many things at once! Field, gotta love it!

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      • Viking Life Blog · May 27

        Yeah, it sometimes seem as we are digging our own graves.


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