White is not synonymous with European!

Any organisation that use White interchangeable with European should be viewed with suspicion. This is not about White and non-White Europeans, but the lack of insight in calling all Europeans White. We already have a word for Europeans, Europeans.

Writing White Europeans implies, that not all Europeans are White.

Writing White as synonymous with European is undermining the real difference between the European peoples and races.

Yes, races. The Germanic race, Mediterranean race, Judeo-Slavic, etc.

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  1. The Germanic Franks founded France. Spain was revitalized by the Visigoths and the Ostrogoths helped to heal Romes multicult frenzy.

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  2. Love it!! Dropping this kinda stuff on Base Voters, esp EmoSIVs & Progs adds a wee spark to our day! Esp. when called Racist (depends on the day, but it’s quite often) and an oldie but goodie stems from the fact: we support the Rule of Law, US Law (even International Law) and the first of the Two Primary Functions of Government (Sovereignty & Legitimacy; Providing for the Defense of the Citizenry; Establishing and Protecting said Boundaries!
    Or, Anti-Illegal Immigration!

    It somehow became “racist” (joke break. Think we’ve narrowed it down, but the Range fits the Patterns) although it’s moot by default; unless re the tiny percentage of the Mexican Indigenous Population but they’ve fought for the opposite re fleeing Mexico.

    To indulge this craziness, whilst providing laughs for the Teams. (plus, somethings you can all do at Home) reminding them if it’s anything at all unrelated to Rule of Law – it is not, but is within their walnut-sized PFCs – the word used would be Ethnocentrism, as Race technically has sod-all to do as per FECA Regs.
    500 points added if you pull out the recent CVAP% Sheet and show them. Remember: Always Smile! It pisses them off more than anything. Almost.

    Warning: They won’t find it as funny, but that’s their problem.
    Bonus points awarded if OTMs &/or Progs representing “Victims” of Colonialism or blaming old Whitey and Blighty. Remind them Conquistador isn’t English…
    Congrats A BOOSH and HONK for you!

    Then, explain how the Moors, African Tribal Leaders and Portugal esp. created Chattle Slavery. Even did a Beta Test in the Canary Islands (250pts) if they guess from where the name originates!

    We deal with the most venomous shite daily. In-Person. Phones. OTG. Etc. So we try to make it fun and educational! Plus, betting!
    Something which we can quit doing ANY TIME WE WANT!!!
    That said, anyone fancy a wee bit of Action?

    F’ing Clown Shoes

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    • Viking Life Blog · May 22

      Yeah. The “left” in Denmark was more into Rule of Law-Nationalism 100 years ago, than any party on the “right” today.
      It’s crazy how everything has been clowned, since WWII.

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      • 100%. My mate Carsten and his lovely inside and out, wife are from Denmark, lived in US a few decades, had/raised their family, aside from eldest daughter born in København (sp?), here in the States. They’re a bit older than me, not that it means a damn, bc we became very close and they remain dear friends, but it’s offered a cool view into everything from Denmark, Shipping, EEZs, Israeli Weapons Procurement and US FMS. Plus, he’s funny as Hell.

        He has a small shipping company {his career started with him as a stowaway whilst very young and working his way up}, with a unique customer: US DOD! I’ll go into that later, it’s crazy awesome and kinda the reason we became mates. Randomly talking ab weapons whilst watching Footy. LOL!

        He’s told me a lot about the History and recent changes via POVs as a Dane & as an American Citizen and always interesting listening to him.

        I admit, my knowledge is limited and unfortunately I haven’t had a chance to visit, yet. But the Land, architecture, culture, history (Customs, People, the “Soul” of the State) and History all seem so beautiful and rich. It’s like the notion of National Pride = Evil doesn’t resonate on the Give-A-Toss Meter, such a wonderful albeit rare trait.

        The more recent events and changes seen across European States, shows fewer hints of the BS found elsewhere. Again, my admitted knowledge isn’t great but I applaud the dedication of the people to fight to keep their History and Culture no matter who or what wants it to appear in a different way.

        I do recall him speaking about how N’Lism during his Grandparents & Parents times differed from the other European Countries & N’List Parties; pre-WWI, Inter-War Period, and WWII Eras.
        If I may, whom, what, when etc. are some good “starting points” I should use to better understand the Danish approach and anything else important but usually overlooked? And “The Clowning Effect”.*
        IF and when you’ve time, of course! No worries if not!

        *I made the (kinda crap) GIF on my page from the cartoon Aqua Teen Hunger Force (absolutely insane and hilarious, one of the Four OG Adult Swim Cartoons, pics from this episode in particular “The Clowning”. It is an older episode, but so fitting when viewed after Clown Pill Therapy! LOL the show is random AF and gnarly, silly, with intelligent humour, and lots of now-famous actors/voices and shows started from this Toon. It’s probably my Favourite which is hard saying. Adultswim.com has them all, this and other cartoons, for free on it’s site in case you or anyone fancies a chuckle. Hell, like DJing, y’all give me an idea of what you like and I’ll sort you with Toons (or Tunes).

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      • Viking Life Blog · May 27

        I am not sure.
        One change happened when Denmark stopped being a “super power” after Englands unprovoked terror attack, us losing Norway and later Germany stealing Slesvig-Holsten and Lauenburg.
        And then everything went gay after WWII.

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      • I’m a bit rusty. Is this related to The Peace of Vienna? I’m guessing there’s numerous famous “Markers” but that’s what flashed to mind. Pardon my general dumbarseness!

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      • Viking Life Blog · May 29

        Peace of Vienna (1725) did properly not have much influence on Denmark.
        Treaty of Vienna (1864) Austria and Germany was stealing Slesvig-Holsten and Lauenburg.

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      • Lol! You’re correct, Sir! Treaty!! Not Peace! Damn dysgraphia! But cheers for the correction and extra Cheers for the info/map! I get the Peace, Treaties and Congress a bit confused! The 1864 was Prussia, Austria and Denmark, right? I used to have a “number of nations” per Vienna trick I used in school to differentiate the pre-1900s “Peace Treaties”. Guess I’m a bit more rusty than I though, ha! Nice to re-learn Historic events and the players though, thank you!

        It’s amazing how much Europe changed over the late-1700s/1800s, then w/in decades, and sometimes w/in in few years! The motivations, implementations; the results/fallouts and the myriad of subplots are fascinating!

        Kinda makes me sad, angry as Hell and shocked that certain individuals want to damn ALL Western Civ History and/or focus on the most negative points. (Not saying so regarding this example/from what happened to Denmark) but whilst thinking about this and the other examples in general; how kids are taught, the approval of Lesson Plans required by State Law in a dozen States, for now, (((pushing said Laws in all State Legislative Bodies & the US Cong))); plus teaching kids, children, to hate everything European and American, but not even offered reasons “WHY?” is just messed-up. Instead, let’s learn about the contributions of what lagain? Made by whom? How it/they changed or made an impression on History? Results?
        Oh that’s right, it’s the White Bloke’s Fault!
        If someone EVER tells my nephews or my future children to be ashamed of their Homeland, their State or The South, I’m pistol-whipping someone. I abhor violence, as I was raised & later taught, but there are Lines one doesn’t cross.

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      • Viking Life Blog · May 31

        “The 1864 was Prussia, Austria and Denmark, right?”

        Yes. That was when we lost.

        It seem to be, that the further we get in history the more numbers and resources matters.
        The Vikings could do a lot with relative small numbers (like Danelaw), later Denmark took control of the North (Kalmar Union). Germany took over Denmark in a few hours in 1940, lol.

        I agree, a lot happened back then. It had a lot of influence on how things are today.

        Yeah, they are trying to delete the part of history they don’t like or just don’t want us to learn from. In regard to Cultural Marxism, White genocide, etc..

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      • F.

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      • I dig the Hell outta the Viking reference! I forgot about that!! Defo adding this to our Field QRT and RRT, sigh, and our Teams in general…

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      • Viking Life Blog · June 4

        Yeah, it sucks! But there is still hope!


      • As for deleting History, I’vs some bad news. Hope to push it as soon I’m finished reading the Reports. They’re not f’ing around.

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      • I mean regarding Slesvig-Holstein (sry, Holsten is proper spelling?) und Lauenburg.

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      • Viking Life Blog · May 29

        I spelled it in Danish 🙂
        Danish: Slesvig-Holsten + Lauenborg
        German: Schleswig-Holstein + Lauenburg
        English: Schleswig-Holstein + Lauenburg

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      • Word! I thought so, wanted to be certain. I studied Deutsch whilst in Secondary & Uni.
        It’s amazing how the spelling & proper pronunciation (including Regional Dialects) changes over kilometres but not thousands of them! I mean, yeah, the pronunciations differ, esp. US English, but damn that’s interesting.

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      • Viking Life Blog · May 31

        I agree. I am told, that Regional Dialects are dying out in Denmark. But yes, it’s funny that such a small country has a number of Regional Dialects.
        Sweden and Norway are much bigger than Denmark and have even more Regional Dialects.

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      • Hate hearing that. And I know that shite feeling ab losing yet another major aspect of Cultural Heritage.

        The UK, esp. England; Hell London alone, has a lot of sub-dialects, but the “major” Regions & certain cities – Pikey is dual-end 256 AES Military encrypted, no matter where. It’s harder than and has more volumes than Field! – have a unique speech that be noted & IDed (some with practice. Guess it’s the same w/ any language) But the population size to number of dialects is rather cool!
        The US used to have a few “Main” Regional Dialects and the see hold up, more or less.

        There are pokets in my Beloved North State, some confined to very small towns, or a County, where you’d think you’re in New York or Louisiana, at least accent and speech patter-wise.
        Linguistics is very interesting. Of course, teaching Proper English, The Queen’s/Language of Kings, (sorry. Don’t know wha it is, but I’m sure there’s a similar Danish equivalent or saying re your speaking/having a bit of pride in your native tongue) Danish, all European and anything not Latin American/from the Southern Hemisphere – sans Oceania, Subcontinent, ASEANs or from States now rated as part of the Developed World i.e. Not Failed of Failing – or good ol’ Sino & Han Styleé, of course!

        Teaching English, as a Requirement, will likely see the number of Classes (I wanna say 1 Class/Course per Semester/Trimester K-12) shrink in favour of Straight White Guilt, Native Language is Fluid & a Choice, I mean it’s not a Choice, wait, isn’t it for some but not other people? Shite, looks like I’m due for Reeducation and need to be booked on “hate speech” charges! Plus, Privilege Charges, bc I’m aware of said Bullshite.

        Clown World.

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      • Viking Life Blog · May 31

        We have Rigsdansk Rigs = Reich.

        I am from Copenhagen and have lived here all my life, so I don’t know so much about the other dialects.

        Bornholmsk Dialect

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      • Cool! Thank you!

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  3. muunyayo · May 26

    Reblogged this on Muunyayo .

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