List of Suicide Sites, Suicide Prevention & List of Countries by Suicide Rate

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The following is a list of current and historic sites frequently chosen to attempt suicide, usually by jumping. Some of the sites listed have installed suicide barriers, signs advising potential suicides to take other actions, and other precautions, such as crisis hotline phones.

Exact numbers of victims are sometimes difficult to determine, as many jurisdictions and media agencies have ceased collecting statistics and reporting suicides at common sites, in the belief that the reporting may encourage others.

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List of suicide crisis lines

Suicide rates by sex and country (age-standardized, per 100,000 population, World Health Organisation, 2019):

 United States 14,5

 Belgium 13,9

 Finland 13,4

 Sweden 12,4

 Australia 11,3

 Iceland 11,2

 Austria 10,4

 Canada 10,3

 New Zealand 10,3

 Norway 9,9

 Switzerland 9,8

 France 9,7

 Netherlands 9,3

 Ireland 8,9

 Luxembourg 8,6

 Germany 8,3

 Denmark 7,6

 United Kingdom 6,9

 Spain 5,3

 Italy 4,3

List by other sources and years (1985–2019)

In this list various sources from various years are included, mixing plain crude rates with age-adjusted rates and estimated rates, so cross-national comparability is somewhat skewed.

Suicides per 100,000 people per year

 Greenland (Kingdom of Denmark) 58,28

 Belgium 17,0

 South Africa 15,4

 United States 14,5

 Austria 13,69

 France 13,21

 Australia 12,7

 Iceland 12,3

 Norway 12,08

 Netherlands 12,0

 Sweden 11,73

 Canada 11,5

 Germany 11,29

 United Kingdom 11,2

 Switzerland 11,2

 Ireland 10,3

 Spain 8,3

 Italy 8,0

 Luxembourg 7,8

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Gender differences in suicide

List of suicide crisis lines

List of countries by intentional homicide rate

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List of countries by life expectancy

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