Revealed: ‘Cat and mouse’ game played by foreign criminals and failed asylum seekers in UK courts as they try to avoid deportation costs taxpayer £200million a year

Convicted fraudster Valter Shpani

Valter Shpani

Valter Shpani

NAME: Valter Shpani


CONVICTION: Deported in 2010 after being convicted of fraud but sneaked back in 2012. 

In total he has been kicked out of Britain three times, but each time managed to get back using false passports and identity cards. 

The last time, earlier this year, he was denied entry from Turkey, but got in by travelling via Ireland. 

HOW HE MANAGED TO STAY: In April, a judge allowed him to remain in the UK indefinitely.

Violent thug Sylwester Mazur 

Sylwester Mazur

Sylwester Mazur

NAME: Sylwester Mazur


CONVICTION: Jailed for two years in 2019 for wounding, grievous bodily harm and knife possession after a street row in Somerset on Boxing Day 2018.

HOW HE MANAGED TO STAY: Home Office tried to deport him, but appeal judge let him remain because of his right to a family life under human rights legislation – even though he had separated from his wife.

Fraudster Babatunde Ogunmakin 

Babatunde Ogunmakin

Babatunde Ogunmakin

NAME: Babatunde Ogunmakin


CONVICTION: Jailed for 18 months in 2013 after applying for 400 Home Office visas using fake documents through his bogus law firm in East London.


He is still playing the cat-and-mouse game. 

He has lost two appeals against his removal but may go to the Court of Appeal next, citing his right to family life under human rights legislation.

Serial offender Shaban Binaku 

Shaban Binaku

Shaban Binaku

NAME: Shaban Binaku

ARRIVED IN UK: 1998, claiming asylum

CONVICTIONS: For theft and knife possession, for which he got 12 months, and drug dealing, for which he was sentenced to three years. He was deported in 2012. 

However, he got back into the UK at some point in 2014 and set up a car wash business in North London. That year he also managed to win a £100,000 bingo jackpot. He was arrested again in 2018, revealing his illegal presence in the UK.

HOW HE MANAGED TO STAY: He is still fighting his case – and earlier this year was given leave to remain in the country on human rights grounds.

Chinese money launderer  



NAME: Known only as FC after being given anonymity


CONVICTION: Given a six-and-a-half-year prison term in 2019 for funnelling £2 million to banks in the UK and China.

ARRIVED IN UK: Appealed deportation on the grounds that she would be persecuted at home – for being a member of the ruling Chinese Communist Party. The courts accepted her argument.

Staggeringly, there are currently 40,000 failed asylum seekers who are due for deportation, but whose removal is being delayed by appeals.

  • Immigration lawyers cost the UK taxpayer almost £800m in legal aid challenges
  • Lawyers challenge Home Office attempts to overturn deportation decisions 
  • Critics accuse immigration judges of being lenient and willing to grant appeals
  • Some cases go through the courts for years – sometimes more than a decade  

Shocking cases uncovered by the MoS include:

  • A Chinese fraudster who won her appeal against deportation by claiming she would be persecuted back home – yet is a member of the ruling Chinese Communist Party;
  • A bogus Nigerian immigration adviser who fleeced clients out of £400,000 and has repeatedly appealed against his deportation;
  • An Albanian criminal who has repeatedly got back into Britain after deportation who has now been allowed to stay indefinitely;
  • A Kosovan kicked out after being convicted of theft, knife and drug crimes but who returned to the UK where he won a £100,000 bingo jackpot;
  • A Polish man who admits his marriage has broken down but is citing the right to a family life to avoid being removed.

‘Cat and mouse’ game played by foreign criminals and failed asylum seekers | Daily Mail Online

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