Boycott Simple History It’s a racist YouTube channel!

#BoycottSimpleHistory It’s a racist YouTube channel! #SimpleHistory They like to see Germans getting killed!

YouTube Video (dislike and flag)

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When they talk about Rainbow guns, Germans get killed. When they talk about the better German gun, nothing.


  1. Reblogged this on TLAMN Incoming and commented:
    THIS is how we fight back!!! We use their tactics against them. It throws them off balance and builds a case making Platforms display true colours or places them in a corner! Honk Yeah!

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    • Viking Life Blog · June 8

      You are absolutely right!
      Thank you, for reblogging.

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      • No need, but you’re most welcome! Thank you for posting. Plus, I’m happy I’m finally learning how to manoeuvre this damn site! Swear, I’m usually a lot more eloquent and tech savvy. As for my attention span, we’ll just call that a Constant (pain in the rear/helpful AF multi-tasking) Equally Cursed and Blessed? Most Defo!

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      • Viking Life Blog · June 9

        The same here. I have slowly learned since I started in January 2016.
        You are learning much faster!

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      • · June 11

        Learning to post maybe, but my site needs some serious attention! lol, I’ve had it since 2015 or 16 but kinda forgot/couldn’t afford the time. Plus, I’ve HonkFam as Tutors and motivation, like my Field Teams, all credit goes to y’all!
        But thank you! I’m trying. Too many Drafts I hoped to push as they came out, but Info continues to arrive, so it feels like I’m half-arssing it and it’s hard to keep a constant schedule. But, defo going at a faster rate than I was, so that’s cool. When I pass the 15 Followers mark (Everything is a Goal, Number or Metric. Another Bleed-Through habit lol). I want to start the transfer of files, esp pre-Season and long-term Outlook Reports regarding the 2018 & 19, 2020 & 21, 2022 and + Cycles. Most are already edited and on the Drives (as well as the Glossaries, Pocket-Guides we give our Reps, 101s & Intro pages, Training manuals explaining Field Theory but in normal language, and the BS these ppl planned/are planning so people can be aware, know what to look for, the subtle changes and comments, and how we can beat them! That’s the main Goal aside from explaining what works and what doesn’t/why the LARPing crap fails miserably with funny examples, at least some are; and making people curious about Field and Campaign Politics. hopefully learning something but asking questions and offering outside points helps to explain it whilst making me take a different Angle-of-Approach, which helps us and the Teams help our/y’all’s Homeland(s) and OUR People! A true Win-Win-Win-WIN!

        Plus a lot of pics/screenshots, some explaining things and too many showing exactly why and how messed-up these people are. They come straight from their writings, memos, Comms, Manuals, The Beast, etc. That should help spread the urgency esp. written on their stationary or letterhead
        A lot help to make sense out of most of this stuff, at least a little bit… so I hope lol!, the same stuff used for Training Year1 and Vols, so it should help.
        Of course, I do have some DANK memes, funny/cool vids and seriously funny, really offensive, jokes that transcend all language barriers.

        It’d be nice if people had a bit more to look through, plus links and cool stories/sources. The worst (second) part, I’ve not added anything related to my favourite non-surfing hobby: Fission and Fission-Fusion/Staged Thermonuclear Weapons, Designs, Physics and Thermonuclear Policy and Doctrine.

        Worst part, I’ve failed to include anything about my , erm, 100% perfectly healthy obsession with King Alexandre III of Macedon!!! Shite, yesterday/today = the Anniversary of his Death, 10/11 June 323 BCE.

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      • Viking Life Blog · June 11

        Word Press is not that easy to grow on, with our kind of views. Maybe promote your content with Gab, Twitter BitChute, Odysee, etc. at the same time.

        About eight years ago MurderByMedia told me that he got about 2000 views a day.
        Something like that has only happened here a few times (days) (I dont remember the numbers, just to make a point).

        I think, that most views comes from internet search, unless you are lucky and someone share your content.

        One time someone shared one post (one time) on Pinterest and that gave me views everyday for about two years (it has stopped earlier this year).
        More than 7000 views on that post since 2018, because of that one share.

        South Africa has also been a “popular” topic and shared more often.

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      • · June 15

        Oh, I know. Goals = Habit. I’ve given up on Twitter. Starting over takes too long, the 5th time, and as WIGWAM or whatever is total BS, not worth the Time debits getting back to 40K min. I did an experiment showing (some of the maps) re the Organised Riots planned if Biden lost, all across all 50 States, the instructions for “After Sundown Events”, the tool-kits and Guides, the Local Chapters and texts re Dates and Times, Equipment and stand-by orders, etc. Plus, the maps showing the location of each Group and the 370+ Partner Orgs, most of them large and quite popular amongst all Sides. And all = DONORS!!
        All of this info planned from July 2020 – Jan 2021 and as soon as STAND-DOWN went out, ALL sites & domains were Scrubbed 22 Jan, luckily I saved and took screenshots of everything. It’s like the Thread posted before and after E-Day, showing Twitter broke the Law re Elections and impartiality, same as JooTube, but that was full version vs my keeping the Rioting Info ambiguous. As always, “Sources and Contacts” lol, blew-up my DMs and wanted to be the one’s to hand the info off to E-Journos like Molly/Millie or whatever and, just No. One bitch was particularly rabid, DMing me Screengrabs of her “contacts” with similar Journos like it was special information! I tried to explain I know how it works and, erm, ALL Journalists have a Source Line Email/number. The E-Celebs engage in the same bollocks of Groupthink and Dopamingeric Positive Feedback Loop Creations as used by Progs and their “Field Vols” and as DCCC Profilers first created and used to great effects years and years prior. Again, lack of Manners, plus attitude = Sod-Off.

        This example esp. true after the shite DSA and Sunrise “stories” from 2020 (4yrs late) I don’t trust most of said E-Journos to cover the full story, they’ll pick out the “Soros” links, get them wrong and miss the actual Story by CEP +10 km.

        As for Gab, it sucks that the Twitfugees brought their baggage and Torba went from Based to “I’m going to lead the next Populist Party” delusional and Greedy. I gotta find the official post with Platforms Needed to Win a Congressional Seat. It’s like AOC Special ED Lvls.
        By allowing Gab to go from Amendment One Safety to WikiQ WIGWAMs trying to censor CozyFam and PondFam because they were “anti-Israeli and other Bollocks” or weren’t towing the Party Line. WTF?

        I’ve an old BitChute Acct and made an Odessey when it came out, to claim the name, and want to invest more time, but 2018- Now are the same Pattern and almost identical. I hear enough of that crap at work plus, this is meant to help people. JooTube F’ed my Custom URL I had since they took over and in they 2018, added my name to the damn thing without my permission. We had hours and hours of Vids recorded but had to hold off. Now, the Channel is dead and all of the backups that were independent got pinged as one, the Fuckers. Ironically, threat to Amendment One was a common vid and Twitter theme…

        I get paid for what I know and do. That’s an incentive LOL! But… The Journo inside of me tells me I have to try and inform people, our Oath doesn’t expire and I’m not one to break a Promise to The True-Born Sons or 4thEstate (or anyone), so this offers a way to ease my conscious, honour my Word and Goals. Or try to.

        I’m about to do some site cleaning and hate to do it, but likely dropping a few new, very cool Accounts that I enjoy reading, I still will, just not as a Sub. It’s not personal or petty, I just don’t have the give-a-toss or altruism I used to have. Unlike WIGWAMers and Q, FAM always showed Loyalty no matter what. Granted I’m still newish, but everyone starts out like this. We’re supposed to support each other as we’re a “minority” and it ain’t hard touching a GD screen. LOL, but it’s cool. I earned my Chevrons and Laces, my Rate and Fees, I’ll earn or try to earn, additional FAM support. I’m happy I’ve earned the few I have! (Ya’ll feel free vouching for my Noob-Arse anytime you fancy! Shameless self-plug ended!) HONK!

        The main issue; What’s happening is getting worse, the Actions for the next weeks are going to be huge, as are the Orgs and Coalitions participating. The fallout could Foxtrot this Nation. Time? Place? Messages? Hashtags? Numbers? Etc.?Aa per, I’ve all of these. Conservatives AND Congressional Staff/Members could prepare or, here’s a first, plan a GD Counter. Proactive vs Reactive.
        Instead of writing about the shite after they finish, the damage is done, as per, I tried and want to post beforehand, I mean all S. Media & past several years, but like the May DNC announcement all info was G2G in April. I kept updating but pulling several GOTVs a week is exhausting) or ROI is shite. The same holds true for this upcoming action. Details confirmed Sunday. It’s going to be a bitch (my Teams will be ready and our MoCs will be prepared)

        I admit that I hoped WP would be like Twitter and Gab, where FAM, even in small numbers, recognised FAM and offered support just because we’re all in the lsame situation. Granted, I’ve only been “active” for a few weeks and sporadic, so still have a bit of work to do on my end and hopefully a few more FAM will realise I’m OG and show some Love, Loyalty, Support, Blood and Honour.

        Fact remains: If one person learns something new, that’s still a YUGE WIN in my book. Any extra are bonus points and motivation! But, I’m having fun and it’s a nice break from work, so I really can’t whinge!
        But thank you for the suggestions and reminders LOL! Appreciate it!


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      • · June 15

        SAfrica needs to be a permanent topic. I recall when Twitter Accts were all about SA, just learned about it bc Pres Trump Tweeted, and were hardcore… about 4wks. No mention of Necklacing. No Winnie (C!NT) no MUFC “security detail”.
        They Focused on the FNC headlines and changed with the News Cycle. Meanwhile, ppl are being murdered and land stolen. I’ve close mates from/in So’Frica and partly why I’ll always fly The Triskelion! (Oh yeah, sorry that this punchline caused aggro on your post! I expected a possible WTF? or something along those lines, nothing close to what appeared! I shouldn’t have used your comments section as a place to respond and that was wrong on my end.

        The Rule of Sevens, 7/10 Rule, Fortnightly Rule etc.
        For every factor of Seven(Hrs), or ZH+ 00:00:07:00:00 (post detonation) all types of released Initial and Prompt radiation, including but not all of that classified as Residual, decreases by a factor of 10.
        e.g. ZH+ 07:00:00 Hours = Rads < Initial Release at Zero Hour or +7Hrs = 10%.

        Bunch of numbers skipped to avoid boring everyone….

        Okay! We made it! 14.29 Days post-ZH when Radiation Levels are "Safe" vs. ZH.
        ZH+343 Hrs = 0.1% ; so… 343 = 7 • 7 • 7 BA DUM DUM CRASH
        777 = Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging or ARM, Eugène Terre'Blanche (F).
        I thought it was funny and based on your info WWIII archive, I hoped you might catch it (granted, and looking back, it is esoteric AF) and that's why I posted it. 100% as a laugh. An inside joke. And looking for any other Nerds were out there! My apologies for causing or placing you in an uncomfortable situation. I am sorry if it was a bother and it was not my intention to cause any stress or bollocks. Sincere Mea Culpa.


        South Africa (F unless more wake-up and wish to help our Brothers and Sisters! Our FAM!)

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      • Viking Life Blog · June 15

        Yeah, South Africa needs to be a permanent topic. I have made many posts about South Africa. Sometimes I make a few SA post in a week, othertimes there is weeks between a SA post.
        Not easy to keep a steady flow, for a number of reasons.



  2. Boosh!! That’s what’s up!! Nice One, Bruvva!

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