1. tlamn · July 6

    I agree 100! Last time I was on Gab, quite a while ago (too many anti-Pond FAM and anti-Cozy Fren Twitfugee WikiWIGWAMers) I remember no mention of the Six Million who died in the worst and ONLY act of Genoncide in Human History. I was shocked. Saddened. Surprised. Here’s a platform allowing so many, like the Six Million Jews who died in The Holocaust, but not anywhere close to that unimaginable number of people, all of whom were killed in The Holocaust, Six Million in case anyone forgot… How DARE ANYONE FORGET and how could they, we can’t allow them to! Maths? Languages, PLURAL? Literature? (Unless Classical works like Night, The Diary of Anne Frank, The Diary of Anne Frank, Part Two: Flowers in the Attic (Editor’s Note: Haha! Allowed)

    I mean, we’re talking about the Six MILLION JEWS killed in The Holocaust. More than all fatalities from all of the wars ever fought, and all pandemics combined, and including civilian casualties and fatalities!

    The lack of links to such vital Historical Information and Educational Sources – educating about The Six and a Half Million Jews who were killed during the Holocaust – the Holocaust, why everyone must know about it and how large and horrible and unimaginable and more important than ANYONE else’s Hardships and/or History! As Switzerland is now a Member of the Club (time: FUCKING REALLY? Come On, Swiss! I thought y’all were Fucking Neutral?) Legally required classes taught to all students, each Semester/Trimester per year and take-home Summer Work to prepare for the following year and the same classes teaching about The Seven Million Jews that died in The Holocaust, as dictated by the IHRA, the world authorities on all things for-profit related to the Holocaust and the Victims, I mean REAL victims, the only one’s to suffer, ever, Jewish obviously as they were the only people who were killed in WWII, all other bullets, bombings and artillery etc. produced flesh wounds that healed after a day or two.

    Because Torba failed to be proactive and place a reminder about the only people in History to ever suffer or endure anything close to a Bad Day, or something akin to The Holocaust in which over Eight Million Jews Died, Gab is Guilty of Holocaust Trivialisation, an Official as of two weeks ago (Editor’s Note: He’s not kidding about this one) a from of “Holocaust Denial” which is against the law as it’s MisInformation, MalInformation and Disinformation whilst also anti-semitism, by default anti-zionism. Said acts are crimes in certain European Nations and if we’re lucky, will soon be a US State and National Crime, eventually making it to International Crime Levels in the event of people denying, downplaying, trivialising, Not Teaching, not making every Act, Story, Place, etc. where something heroic happened and MUST be preserved, as well all books, films, Shows, etc. an Award Winning Whatever is such an act, in that it dishonours the 800 Million Jews Killed during the Holocaust and the Millions who Die every day at the hands of the Largest and Most Advanced Military in History: The Palestinian Armed Forces, trying to steal their homes and land, those who are defenceless and lack the ability to meet and match such prowess and might, those who’s people suffered terribly during WWII which was caused by and fought to liberate all 500,000 Death Camps where only Jews were sent and over 6 Billion were murdered during the Holocaust!

    So yes, we must suspend Amendment One on this reason alone!!! If people are speaking mean about Jewish people, they must be arrested and their property and bank accounts seized to help pay and ease the suffering of Slavery, the torment Trans people have endured all four or five years since it became a thing, both are bad, but not nearly as bad as The…


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    • Viking Life Blog · July 7

      Ohhhh Muh Six Gorillion! The ultimate trump card!
      You are absolutely right, we should never forget the “500,000 Death Camps”.

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