Identity Politics

Identity politics is a political approach wherein people of a particular gender, religionracesocial backgroundclass or other identifying factor develop political agendas based around one or more of these categories.

Contemporary applications of identity politics describe people of specific race, ethnicity, sex, gender identitysexual orientation, age, economic class, disability status, education, religion, language, profession, political party, veteran status, and geographic location. These identity labels are not mutually exclusive but are in many cases compounded into one when describing hyper-specific groups, a concept known as intersectionality. An example is that of African-Americanhomosexualdemi-boys with body integrity dysphoria, who constitute a particular hyper-specific identity class.

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  1. Otto F. · June 30

    Do not forget politics such as “Americans” who try to push “White-American” as an ethnic distinction but do not even include “European” as a formal option on paperwork.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Viking Life Blog · June 30

      Yeah, I made a post about “White Americans”


      • Otto F. · June 30

        Yes, I see you did.

        I think the only thing worse is the fact that many Americans still think “Caucasian” is synonymous for Racial/Ethnic European(s).

        Americans of European stock need to really work at reforming this before they utter the world “racial”, “blood” in their rhetoric.

        How can one identify as something that is not even recognized by the state? That is a huge issue which is not being properly addressed.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Viking Life Blog · July 1

        I agree, on all counts.

        I guess, that “Caucasian” is only used in North America. I have never heard it here, in Denmark. The government usually call us something like ethnic-Danes.


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