What Fake Democracies Look Like

Thanks to Alman-Frank @Wanderfrank

Several Western governments currently front themselves as examples of democracy to the world. However, many of these nations are essentially fake democracies. Using this allegedly pro-democracy position, they condemn nations like China, Russia, Iran, etc which have more authoritarian and absolutist governments. Liberal democracies also condemn many defunct governments of the past.

In this video, I examine several of these governments (especially the G7/Group of 7) to see whether they live up to the lip service they pay to democracy. The Group of Seven includes the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, and Japan. I also examine how several of these governments were created and what they replaced. Understanding the historical context of governments that claim to be democratic is critical to judging their legitimacy.

This video is about what these phony democracies look like.

Pax Tube

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