How Nigerian Tribal Chiefs Continued The Slave Trade Long After The British Abolished It

While many European countries are bending over backwards to grovel and apologize for participating in the African slave trade, no apologies are forthcoming from any of the African nations whose chiefs engaged in the slave trade long before White Europeans ever showed up — and continued to profit off of it well into the 20th century — long after the white nations officially abolished it.

Nigerian journalist and novelist Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani wrote an article for the BBC about one of her ancestors who was a prominent slave trader — he was so greatly admired that he was considered a local hero for his prowess as a slaver. Africans did not have any moral objections against the slave trade that white Christian Europeans did — to them, it was “just business” and an acceptable way of life.

In fact, successful and wealthy African slave traders were revered — and practically deified — among their own people, which may explain why most Blacks today have a moral problem only with White slave traders, not with their own.

How Nigerian Tribal Chiefs Continued The Slave Trade Long After The British Abolished It | Christians for Truth

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