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The Red Terror (1918) – How the Bolsheviks Went on a Rampage after the Russian Revolution

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For decades, Russia’s oil giants have been polluting parts of the country’s once thriving landscape, often in secret, spilling oil onto the land and into the Arctic Ocean, poisoning the water and destroying the livelihood of local communities and Indigenous Peoples.

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Ukraine and Russia: Jewish Oligarchs Behind the Scenes

10 Ways Russia Is Acting Like Israel

An Invasive Duo




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  2. Viking Life Blog · January 18


    • Otto+K.+Forssell · February 4

      Incidentally the Russian citizens of Kaliningrad (formerly Königsberg) are not seen as full Russian citizens by the rest of the Russian Federation via the Mainland, the Russians of Kalingrad have developed a very different mindset after generations of living amidst the ruins of Königsberg.

      [You need to enable CC for subs.]

      As for the Ukraine/NATO vs Russia conflict … sadly NATO is not the good guy here, as well Ukraine’s President is a full genetic Jew, Volodymyr Zelensky.who claims to be descended from Holocaust survivors.

      Germany has refused to supply funds & Armaments to the Ukraine most surprisingly, whereas Sweden, Denmark & the U.S.A. are either funding or supplying the Ukraine against Russia.

      Neither side pushing for a fully fledged hot-war is the better side, nor is one a lesser evil nothing good for Europe can come from this conflict, most unfortunately I don’t think Russia is fooling around.

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      • Viking Life Blog · February 4

        The sad truth is, that we are on the same planet as Jews, Slavs and all the other primitive and corrupt non-Whites.

        Geo-politics are usually complicated and leaders will try to make the best of it (best for whom?).

        Maybe you will conclude something similar as me, from this video:


      • Otto+K.+Forssell · February 4

        As for the Sad truth, yes I do very much know that Germany is currently beholden to Russia insofar as to purchasing fossil fuel from Russia ever since the last chancellor de-commissioned most of Germany’s fission reactors it became reliant on cruder fuel sources both a technical downgrade & strategic misstep in my opinion, thus it would not be advantageous for the Fatherland to supply Ukraine with military hardware nor financial aid given the looming crisis.

        Note: I completely understand why Germany wanted to move away from Fission but that does not mean that the only other option is the immediate technological opposite, Germany developed one of the very 1st Thorium reactors in the late 1980s “THTR-300” at the cutting edge which would have been both cleaner & safer to operate than conventional Nuclear fission but due to lack of funding Germany’s Thorium sector became a forgotten footnote.

        This indecision to revert to Coal Burning Power-plants placed Germany & much the rest of Central Europe in a massive Energy predicament one which made itself weaker whilst Russia was made stronger & more ambitious set forth upon Europe once more.

        The pending new refugee crisis would only be the tip of the iceberg as far as threat is concerned …

        However, that being said indifference to the Threat of Eastern European Invasion also would mean Russian Sociopolitical, Economical & Military hegemony expanding ever closer to the proximity of Central/Western Europe which is not good either, I am pretty that is the whole intention, Eastern Europe (Geographically speaking of course) is the historical buffer zone sadly of which comprise economically & military inferior nations which are not only beholden to Germany for financial support but are also very much vulnerable to threat of Russian invasion/occupation on their own home turf.

        In conclusion this current situation is likened to a really shitty double-edged sword with not a lot of supremely good decisions that can be made, at best a mediocre outcome such as delaying an inevitable conflict is the best only step.

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      • Viking Life Blog · February 4

        I wrote this on Gab (just to share a few thoughts):

        “About #Russia-stan, #Ukraine-stan and #JudeoSlavic people.

        1. Europe would suffer temporary if we boycott Russia in case they attack Ukraine and as pay back for our boycott, Russia will cut of oil and gas supplies.

        2. Even worse would be “refugees” coming from Ukraine first and then (maybe south and especially) east Europe, because of the short term economic crisis from Russia cutting off oil and gas supplies.”


  3. Viking Life Blog · February 4


  4. Viking Life Blog · March 5


  5. Viking Life Blog · March 11


  6. Viking Life Blog · March 12

    Vikings dramatically changed and improved many places, but only few of them are White today

    Vikings dramatically changed and improved many places, but only few of them are White today


  7. Viking Life Blog · March 13


  8. Viking Life Blog · March 25

    Russian conscripts drive $42 million secret Russian military vehicle, this is what happened next

    Russian conscripts drive $42 million secret Russian military vehicle, this is what happened next


  9. Viking Life Blog · March 25


  10. Viking Life Blog · April 17


  11. Viking Life Blog · April 22

    Ukraine in Soviet Propaganda

    Ukraine in Soviet Propaganda


  12. Viking Life Blog · April 29


  13. Viking Life Blog · June 28

    Most Richest Politicians in the world | Richest politician , king , prince Ranking by net worth

    Most Richest Politicians in the world | Richest politician , king , prince Ranking by net worth


  14. Viking Life Blog · 25 Days Ago

    All metal, no manpower – Russian infantry shortages and mobilisation in Ukraine

    When we think of Russia, we tend to think of the great “Russian Steamroller” of the Russian Empire or Soviet Union, with their enormous (by European standards of the time) populations and huge potential to throw large numbers of troops into battle.

    But, and I know I say this a lot:
    Russia is not the Soviet Union.

    The Russian invasion of Ukraine is not the kind of conflict the Russian army has prepared for. The army is being asked to fight at essentially peacetime strength, leaving behind its conscripts and not calling up the larger class of its reserves.

    That has left the Russian army short staffed and, critically, lacking infantry to support the number of tanks and armoured vehicles it has deployed. How that has influenced the fighting is uncertain, but it does seem to have contributed to the loss of unsupported armour, and a real difficulty in taking urban and fortified areas. In their place, Russia has inserted national guard troops, mercenaries, and huge numbers of proxy-forces from the DPR and LPR.

    In this video we look at the importance of infantry, even on a battlefield dominated by advanced vehicles and systems, examine the roots of the Russian deficit, and also have a look at how Russia is trying to get around this issue.

    In doing so, we’re also going to tackle a number of myths and questions regarding Russian manpower in Ukraine. Ever wondered how Russia can apparently outnumber Ukraine in the Donbass despite Ukraine mobilising reservists or why people claim there are tends or hundreds of thousands of conscripts with WW2 equipment fighting for Russia?

    We’re going to talk about the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics, and try to answer some of those questions.

    I will not be covering Ukrainian mobilisation this episode, if only because it has its own, almost diametrically opposite strengths and weaknesses and a totally different force design behind it.


  15. Viking Life Blog · 25 Days Ago

    How Corruption Destroys Armies – Theft, Graft, and Russian failure in Ukraine

    On paper, Russian military modernisation should have produced a force that could overmatch the Ukrainian army. For more than a decade, funds for modernisation were allocated to State Defence Orders for everything from next generation aircraft and tanks, to new communications and battlefield control systems.

    Russian R&D did its part (mostly), turning out systems that won attention and praise at trade shows, while commentators steadily built the Russian army up as an example of a dangerous foe that proved you could achieve more with less in the military procurement space.

    Then they invaded Ukraine, and the image was shattered. I’ve previously explained this by looking at the Russian Defence budget and their priorities in the lead up to the invasion, but in doing that I refrained from focusing on one key issue.

    Corruption in Russia is endemic, corruption in the Russian defence sector (like many around the world) is a catastrophe. From the highest levels of procurement fraud, down to the level of the enlisted personal hawking diesel, copper, and even explosives for petty cash, corruption has been a constant thorn in the side of all efforts to modernise the Russian army and mould it into an effective fighting force.

    In this video, I try to take a somewhat light hearted look at how corruption in a military context can (and sometimes does) work, citing examples of actual cases and using hypotheticals to demonstrate the kinds of actions that can rot an institution from head to tail. For those of you in countries that face this problem, it should all seem a little familiar.

    Examples are taken from the sources listed below and I make no independent representations on the veracity of any claims. I don’t know exactly how much is stolen from the Russian defence budget, I doubt anyone does. But what I can do, is help us understand how a nation capable of producing some of the most advanced defence equipment in the world would be running out of fuel on day 3, and be rolling out museum piece tanks less than three months into a major conflict.


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