NIMBY, an acronym for the phrase “not in my back yard“, or Nimby, is a characterization of opposition by residents to proposed developments in their local area, as well as support for strict land use regulations. It carries the connotation that such residents are only opposing the development because it is close to them and that they would tolerate or support it if it were built farther away. The residents are often called Nimbys, and their viewpoint is called Nimbyism.

Examples of projects likely to be opposed include any sort of housing developmentbicycle and pedestrian infrastructureskyscrapershomeless sheltersoil wellschemical plantsoil and chemical pipelinesindustrial parksmilitary basessewage treatment systems, frackingwind turbinesdesalination plantslandfill sitesincineratorspower plantsquarriesprisonspubsadult entertainment clubsconcert venuesfirearms dealersmobile phone mastselectricity pylonsabortion clinicschildren’s homesnursing homesyouth hostelssports stadiumsshopping mallsretail parksdiscount storespublic schoolsrailwayshospitalshighway expansions, airportsseaportsgrocery storesnuclear waste repositoriesstorage for weapons of mass destructioncannabis dispensariesrecreational cannabis shops, methadone clinics, and the accommodation of persons applying for asylum, refugees, and displaced persons.

The NIMBY concept may also be applied to people who advocate some proposal (e.g., budget cuts, tax increases, layoffs, immigration or energy conservation) but oppose implementing it in a way that might affect their lives or require any sacrifice on their part.

Claimed rationale

Developments likely to attract local objections include:

The claimed reasons against these developments vary, and some are given below.

  • Increased traffic: more jobs, more housing or more stores correlates to increased traffic on local streets and greater demand for parking spots. Industrial facilities such as warehouses, factories, or landfills often increase the volume of truck traffic.
  • Harm to locally owned small businesses: the development of a big box store may provide too much competition to a locally owned store; similarly, the construction of a new road may make the older road less traveled, leading to a loss of business for property owners. This can lead to excessive relocation costs, or to loss of respected local businesses.
  • Loss of residential property value: homes near an undesirable development may be less desirable for potential buyers. The lost revenue from property taxes may, or may not, be offset by increased revenue from the project.
  • Environmental pollution of land, air, and water: power plants, factories, chemical facilities, crematoriumssewage treatment facilities, airports, and similar projects may—or may be claimed to—contaminate the land, air, or water around them. Especially facilities assumed to smell might cause objections.
  • Light pollution: projects that operate at night, or that include security lighting (such as street lights in a parking lot), may be accused of causing light pollution.
  • Noise pollution: in addition to the noise of traffic, a project may inherently be noisy. This is a common objection to wind powerairports, roads, and many industrial facilities, but also stadiums, festivals, and nightclubs which are particularly noisy at night when locals want to sleep.
  • Visual blight and failure to “blend in” with the surrounding architecture: the proposed project might be ugly or particularly large, or cast a shadow over an area due to its height.
  • Loss of a community’s small-town feel: proposals that might result in new people moving into the community, such as a plan to build many new houses, are often claimed to change the community’s character.
  • Strain of public resources and schools: this reason is given for any increase in the local area’s population, as additional school facilities might be needed for the additional children, but particularly to projects that might result in certain kinds of people joining the community, such as a group home for people with disabilities, or immigrants.
  • Disproportionate benefit to non-locals: the project appears to benefit distant people, such as investors (in the case of commercial projects like factories or big-box stores) or people from neighboring areas (in the case of regional government projects, such as airports, highways, sewage treatment, or landfills).
  • Increases in crime: this is usually applied to projects that are perceived as attracting or employing low-skill workers or racial minorities, as well as projects that cater to people who are thought to often commit crimes, such as the mentally ill, the poor, and drug addicts. Additionally, certain types of projects, such as pubs or medical marijuana dispensaries, might be perceived as directly increasing the amount of crime in the area.
  • Risk of an (environmental) disaster, such as with drilling operations, chemical industry, dams, or nuclear power plants.
  • Historic areas: the affected area is on a heritage register, because of its many older properties that are being preserved as such.

Generally, many NIMBY objections are guessed or feared, because objections are more likely to be successful before construction starts. It is often too late to object to the project after its completion, since new additions are unlikely to be reversed.

As hinted by the list, protests can occur for opposite reasons. A new road or shopping center can cause increased traffic and work opportunities for some, and decreased traffic for others, harming local businesses.

People in an area affected by plans sometimes form an organization which can collect money and organize the objection activities. NIMBYists can hire a lawyer to file formal appeals, and contact media to gain public support for their case.

Not in my neighborhood

The term Not in my neighborhood, or NIMN, is also frequently used. “NIMN” additionally refers to legislative actions or private agreements made with the sole purpose of maintaining racial identity within a particular neighborhood or residential area by forcefully keeping members of other races from moving into the area. In that regard, “Not in My Neighborhood,” by author and journalist Antero Pietila, describes the toll NIMN politics had on housing conditions in Baltimore throughout the 20th century and the systemic, racially based citywide separation it caused.

Read more here: NIMBY – Wikipedia


  1. ᛋᛠᛉ · July 11, 2021

    They Nimbyed the bejesus out of the turbines here. Wish they did with some other foreign imports too.

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    • Viking Life Blog · July 11, 2021

      The same here.
      Are the turbins on land or in the ocean?

      Liked by 1 person

    • tlamn · July 13, 2021

      God, I hate NIMBYs and I hate Town Halls full of suddenly Give-a-Toss SJW NIMBYs crying over some bollocks they supported ALL Campaign Season… Just not when said idea arrived in-town.

      As for the Maine example (What’s up, Bruvva? Doing well?) it was the Same when a group tried to add a wind farm off of the coast of the Outer Banks (Best Surf on the East Coast! BOOSH!) but not beyond the visual horizon; the Locals gave an emphatic Piss Off. Thankfully it was off-season so it was only Year-Round Locals, not Summer “Gaper/Residents” voting.

      One of the first big news stories showing Liberal hypocrisy was years ago when a wind farm was planned way off-shore of Martha’s Vineyard. Needless to say, that idea never saw implementation!


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      • ᛋᛠᛉ · July 13, 2021

        We’d be doing better with a different representational government than a half dyke with a boy cut and obnoxious bling.

        Yeah. If the Nimbys could be weaponised for real and pressing issues, they wouldn’t be so lame. For example: NOBODY is thrilled with the Somali invasion. Where were the Nimbys? We had a few odd duck resistors, and they got shut down – hard. But windmills? Would they be an eyesore? Maybe. But so are groid neighbourhoods. And they’re still more economically advantageous than groids. Probably less dangerous. (Read certainly less.)

        Gapers. I like that. I’ll have to steal it. Normally just call them Summer Complaints.

        Liked by 2 people

      • tlamn · July 15, 2021

        Dammit. That was hot tea. And that was funny. Should know better by now, but yeah, that attention span thingy.

        LOMFL! Please do! We learned it from the Locals and, later, the Bruhs (Bruh = Very Respected Mate, or group of Bruhs, a VERY tight group of Surfers. Basically, equivalent of FAM, with a lot more cutting the leashes of Barney’s {Opposite of Bruh. Dumbarses, like, Intern-Stoopid, no etiquette in the Water and no idea what they’re doing.})

        It’s from the morons driving 20 – 05 mp/h in the left lane of a 45 mp/h zone: Wow! – slams on brake – Honey look! It’s a palm tree! Good Gooly Gee! That’s incredible! – proceed with acceleration… Nope!! – Look Honey! Another Palm Tree!!! Gee Whiz! snort! And we’re not even on the bridge to get on the island!

        It gets worse. But your comment about the Somali population! Bruvva, my best mate has land in Maine and family lived there a few Generations. We had many talks sat the pub about the Demographic make-up and the oddity of why so many were placed there – closest State to Africa? – and the numerous negative effects they had on the local population, property values, crime rates, “customs”, tourism industry impact etc. (Yep. We were “Those Guys” at the pub/bar. Sod-it!) It amazed me how quickly and suddenly it arrived and increased esp. without a lot of input from those who, you know, lived there?! It was what made me start researching and creating a Formula based on Artificial Inflation of CVAP Demographics, CPVI Ratings, Appropriations, and Map Redraws and the worst Pattern discovered, Artificial Demo Manipulation by Precinct and District Stuffing™. It makes me feel sick reading about it. I can’t imagine living and seeing it. That’s horrible and I hate it for y’all. Not that I’m anything but hopefully when I finish it might be of some use up there and elsewhere. Plus, we discussed this a long time ago. Before the ‘random’ shift of the Demo and adding Wisc, Minn and Mich to the List.

        Unfortunately, VP Bling (haha! Love it and borrowing that) and Pres Stumbles, at least the Party Strategic Divisions, are on point. They’ve dropped ANOTHER one: $25 Mil on the I Will Vote site, hotline and support Staff: Now the Official Voter Protection Teams.
        Great State of North Carolina is one of the Highest Value Targets, one of the Eight and Nine, but they’re planing a 57 State/Territory and 50 State and DC assaults. NCDems signed-on and the chatter, confirmed and from the Chair’s mouth to my ears- Training 10K for this OP alone! 1000 per County on top of State, DCCC, DSCC and additional Establishment DEMS and Progressive DEMS!

        Same postures expected in the other Target States but awaiting hard numbers. Maine and Vermont are overlap States meaning the Focused Maps from the DEMs and Progs show all Orgs, Coalitions, Alliances and Partnerships have heightened Interets, Teams and Plans Ready To Go if not already deployed.
        I’ll make it a point to add both to my AOR Focus and I’ll ask my mate who’s the RFD up there to keep me updated. Any new bollocks we learn, I’ll toss them your way.

        NIMBYs are like most Base Voters, mainly the EmoSIVs, the best and the worst type! But you’re correct, weaponising them is a shared goal amongst DEMs, Progs and GOP. The latter haven’t figured out that part as of yet, at least not on a large scale… and all other scales. Sigh.

        The DEMs wrote the book, literally on doing so and as they add chapters per annum, the angles-of-approach continue changing and growing with the various methods used in Field Campaigns (Outreach, Grassroots, Volunteers etc.) Since the Schism began in 2018, the Progs have taken and added to these approaches. Some in a good way others half-arsed and shite ways, but effective for THEIR goals/THAT Season.

        The Schism kinda healed, officialy, in March when the DCCC disbanded the “Blacklist”. Things got quiet except for the über-Left Morons, and the Calls To Action (Recess Recoveries, the crap going off tomorrow, the 17 July National Day of Action and the ongoing push for S1, THRIVE, PRO and other “Acts”

        But… Something interesting appeared on-Radar 6wks ago. It returned out of nowhere. Even the cooperation with Pelosi and Schumer e.g. He granted the Sunrise Movement and their Coalition Partners an audience re the Build Back BOLD and Climate Corps $1 Trillion a year, ten yrs minimum and additional funding on top of the $3.2 Trillion budgeted and awaiting Budgetary Reconciliation Process, something Sanders wet dreams about. If it was International, it’d rate with offering a rogue state Legitimacy! This not their full Goal but it’s a moral and strategic victory. I hope the usual infighting amongst the Prog Field Teams, the Progs vs Dems and DCCC vs Everyone is enough to make the Schism reopen completely. Like, on the table surgery opening without sanitised areas and HEPA Filtered air.

        Believe it or not, this is 100% directly associated with NIMBY Projects and the “unique” deposit of certain people from other nation(s) within a few specific and seemingly random alpha foxtrot US States and Districts. It’s like a premeditated First-Use Nuclear Decapitation Scenario but, as per usual with the Left, it was planned years/decades in advance and updates every minute. But, there’s plenty of Targets we could hit, but we won’t. (insert Spaceballs Quote Here)
        A Clown World it be!

        Remember: Nothing in Field is Random

        Liked by 1 person

      • tlamn · July 15, 2021

        Pardon the long alpha foxtrot reply. It’s not letting up on our end and the points you made were eerily familiar to some of the current concerns. Wanted to get something out that might be of some use to someone at the least before I’m free to do a proper Post. My bad for ganking so much Real Estate.


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