The law denies basic parental rights to protecting their child from vaccine injuries and to have the tools and knowledge necessary to monitor them for signs of a potentially life-threatening vaccine reaction that requires immediate medical treatment

One of the Most Outrageous Vaccine Legislations Yet: Doctors Can Vaccinate Kids in DC Without Parental Knowledge (Mercola) | Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch


  1. ᛋᛠᛉ · July 13

    I don’t know how you can look at this and not fedpost like a Glowie. I will instead talk about a Roman custom in which heinous criminals were put into bags full of wild animals and kicked into the sea.

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    • tlamn · July 13

      1. Gotta respect this level of imagination and dedication!

      2. Not a bad idea, that!

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      • ᛋᛠᛉ · July 13

        I want to say it was monkeys. Or it could have been cats. I can’t remember, but I don’t like cats – so it’s a sacrifice I’d be willing to make in a historical revisionist setting.

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      • tlamn · July 15

        Sir, I admire you, your dedication, and your willingness to sacrifice in order to respect this important Historical Practice and “keeping it Real” re the updated revisionist Side-Hatch Approach.

        I hereby request said Sacrifice and the following to be noted and added to the Official Minutes:
        I, Mr. W80mod4 W93/Mk7 TLAMN, do formally ‘Second’ the right Honourable Gentleman’s proposal.
        If it pleases, and if deemed to be necessary, I propose – with the Blessing of the HonkFAM Council – holding a General Vote to approve filling each Bag with approx One metric Shite-ton of Domesticated Felines or whatever proportion(s) as duly agreed and deemed sufficiently adequate. With respect to the amounts of Domesticated Felines {please note, the submission and use of Domesticated serves only to reflect the history of this most learned body, the ancient formalities and honour the Charter By-Laws} please allow this general estimate to equal “a lot of foxtrotting cats”.

        Using said marker, the numbers of cats must meet prior requirements and fill approximately 80% of the volume per empty bag, as the potential bag creation, use of bags on-hand, etc. might yield a number of range of various materials, sizes used, and additional inconsistencies unmentioned here.

        Therefore, preparing and solving prior to an unexpected variation, I propose using these as general examples & ratios e.g. Gross weight rated before introducing the human occupant (bonus points awarded if allergic) and any remaining space to be topped-off with… Hmm… Mice/Rats feel too lazy & boring. May I suggest/Table for discussion, an entry from The Official List of Nature’s Arseholes; Creatures Great, Small and Generally Pissed-Off at the World?
        Specifically: One Eastern-Diamondback Rattlesnake. Their size & demeanour meeting qualifications, as well as inherent benefits to create any additional room needed. This equals a decrease in extra capacities and/or rendering the issue moot. For the Record, this addition would make the bags & internal environments suck. Really bad. One request, if possible, and if it pleases; the retrieving the Rattlesnake unharmed?

        Thank you all.
        I Yield my Time.

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      • ᛋᛠᛉ · July 15

        That’s an incredibly well thought out proposal. If I ever become independently wealthy I’ll fix to hire you for to sell real estate to Summer Complaints in Carthage.

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    • Viking Life Blog · July 14

      They had some good ideas, back then.

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  2. tlamn · July 17

    Oh, I’ll sell the Hell outta those lots. Make people so happy they cry big salty tears…

    Viking, in thine bag get thee!!! Darn it. Gonna miss you, mate. PS: It’s gonna suck. Sry.



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  3. tlamn · July 17

    Haha. Forgot to post.

    Gotta love Law, Order and Traditional Values!

    This Bag o’ Fun is a beautiful thing, truly, and I believe it will bring joy and peaceful feelings to further enhance all of our lives.

    I’ve made some calls and found some great rates on bulk purchases! Even adding an additional piece at no cost! I was thinking we can attach a shekel, a copy of/the real Foreign Military Sales Documents per annual “Donations” and/or Annual Guilt Tax, per Western Nation of course, and forced Business & Gov’t contractual obligations signed, initialled, dated and Notarised as bait!

    Once the “victim” senses the money or the writing and account, wiring/routing numbers (sixth sense, innit?) they’ll feel a primal, unquenchable urge overriding all other desire – feeding their young, learning morals, getting the foxtrot over something that most likely did not ever and never happened e.g. an induced and reinforced memory, Total Recall Styleé, just without the adventures, Mars and such.

    They grab the bait, the enterance closes and the internal side-hatches (very impressive design btw! And Made in the USA!) open releasing a cute lil kitty cat, followed by anvalance of formerly sleeping, prematurely & rudely woken up and now quite pissed-of cats.

    Enter Mr. Eastern-Diamondback! He joins the fun! The cats are awake alpha foxtrot and kinda freaking out (can’t fault them, really. Those bastards have two Foxtrot Off Fangs, YUGE venom glands, strike 2/3rds their body weight. And will strike multiple times. That image scares the shite outta me, but the neatest part? The Side-Hatches opening = retraction of the bait line!! Pulling the precious treasure from their grasp and dangling it just out of reach as absolute chaos and what I imagine is unfathomable terror fills their body and mind!

    Plus, the whole metric shite-ton of cats and a big-arse (seriously, these things are huge) highly venomous and ill-tempered viper adding to the terror of losing said shekel! Psychological and Physical Trauma all-in-one! Plus, we get to choose up to three colour combinations per Bag, optional vid/audio feed/Casting, hand-sewn National & State Flags, and 14 Characters per row, 18 Rows! Names, dates, Footy Club Badges, a damn Limerick or two, Hell, $5 per 100 Bags and they’ll add a Sonnet!

    It’s quite an amazing deal, and the owner is ever so nice! Family Business. Great-Great-Grandparents came from Germany where they worked for some clothing designer who was a pretty big deal, but humble chap, let everyone call him Hugo…

    Dear Viking,

    Sucks but congrats!! You’ll be the Beta Tester! You will be missed. I hate long goodbyes sniff, get ye into thine Satchel!

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    • tlamn · July 17

      2/3rds their Body length. Meant to add their weight as being impressive as they’re the heaviest rattlesnake. All muscle.
      Mea culpa. Nice catch Siri, dumb arse.

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    • Viking Life Blog · July 18

      Data and sources are always a good tool, for us.

      Eastern diamondback rattlesnakes sounds scary. We don’t really have any dangerous animals in Denmark so it’s hard for me to imagine living around them.


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  4. tlamn · July 19

    They are, especially if cornered, feel threatened etc. IOW a human has to go out of their way, ignore the very (largest in the FAM) big snake looking at and not happy to see you, the rattling of the tail evidence of “We aren’t Cool” Threat Display, the hissing and coiling-up before they bite the hell outta you. Because of their size – body, venom glands and hinged-fangs – they deliver a lot of haematoxic venom and it hurts really bad and gets worse if/unless antivenin is administered in time and they’re not allergic! I say let’s wait and see how that idiot does & chalk it up as a LifeLesson, but I’m an arsehole.
    Unfortunately, loss of habitat and malicious humans (literally the term used) are the biggest threats to these and other creatures. Growing up, we were in a wooded area with a Creek (best childhood I could ever dream about. Had so much fun and learned so much from bring outside… And playing War, but I took it a wee too seriously. Another time LOL. But we kept a couple of syringes and a bottle of antivenin in the fridge because there were so many Copperhead and Moccasin venomous snakes. The Colonel acquired the antivenin and I didn’t realise what that entailed until a lot older! Plus, he taught my brothers and me how to look out for snakes, how to walk in off-trail areas, what to do if bitten and other cool things from a half-medical and half-Green Beret style POV. I saw these and other snakes all of the time, but knew to not panic and that they were more afraid of me than vice versa. The biggest concern were ticks.

    Although scary, some Diamondbacks get unnecessarily big. I’ll hunt for a vid that shows an example (rare) of a four meters long specimen making its way, loudly, through the woods. They’re actually beautiful animals and only attack humans when the human needs an aforementioned LifeLesson, self-Defense however, their size and strength are enough to make anyone piss themselves when hearing that rattle. Unfortunately, they’re close to being on the Threatened List. I’ve done some thinking and instead of big-arse Eastern Diamondbacks I propose we use the pretty Coral Snake. Not very threatening at first glance, instead of the typical “Triangular Shaped Head” associated with most venomous snakes esp. Vipers and pit-vipers, the Coral Snakes have a bulbous and rounded head, sans neck, kinda like a Manlet, and at first glance they appear to be “safe“ like their non-venomous counterparts.

    The unpleasant bit? They are part of the elapidae or the same as Mambas, Cobras, Kraits, sea-snakes, Brown Snakes and Puff Adders. The Coral Snake ranks 2nd behind the Black Mamba (yep. Gotta bring race into this!) but they lack the size and large fixed fangs and the muscles that squeeze the glands and flood the venom on in, a neurotoxin or in some species a blend of four or more.

    Since antivenin was made in the late 60s/early 70s (I’ll double check, sry) the number of deaths from a Coral bite declined and bites are rare. In Fact, they are a very curious species and only limited data exists which is kinda cool.

    However, if bitten, it’s going to suck. You probably won’t feel it- like most venomous snakes (baby snakes are an exception) most will strike and bite, but it’s “Dry Bite” because they didn’t release any venom. It’s a great “Stay The Foxtrot Away, Bitch!” gets the message across and they save the venom for prey or a truly threatening situation. It hurts like Hell and the point is clear, so same effect! snake only has X-Amt of venom when waking from hibernation and adults learn not to waste it. It’s why there are so many Warning Signs they display before going hardcore. The Rattle being an example. The Water Moccasin or Cottonmouths opening their jaws to show the white inside against a very dark arse body and displays their big-arse fangs (Vipers have big and movable fangs. The others, elapidae, do not)/the Black Mamba, a beautiful snake, but it’s more of a brown to gunmetal grey colour, the name comes from the inside of the mouth, which is Blacker than Hillary Clinton’s Soul. Not kidding. Plus, that very large reptile can reach 10mph!! Umm, nope. Just nope.

    A Coral can deliver a Dry Bite, but it’s the method of delivering their venom that’s really off-putting. They’ve tiny fangs and a slight groove on the inside of their molars where the venom releases! IOW they have to bite and chew in order to get that venom from their saliva into the open wound and introduce this unpleasant AF neurotoxin.

    Most bites are painless and unlike the necrosis and agonising pain from Vipers, this has a 12 hour window before shite gets REAL and you’re pretty much Foxtrotted. Proper Like. I Dunno. The idea of something chewing on me just sounds über-shite. Once the toxin hits the full nervous system is pretty screwed, the pain arrives and other really bad effects e.g. Paralysis, spasms, cardio and pulmonary failures, double-vision (for a bit) and other not fun times!

    Of course, we could use one of the Top Five Pissed Animals…

    The Water Moccasin or Cottonmouth. It’s a Pit Viper and whilst not ranked as lethal as the others, the venom can still make you very ill, cause limb loss or a bite can be lethal to some ppl, depends on the situation, these SOBs are Dicks. Kinda like Number One, the Bull Shark (The Biggest Dickhead in Nature) they’re born angry at the world {HOLD ON!!! I sense irony somewhere! Maybe we need to reevaluate the Top Ten List and add the first human entry? Maybe a subcategory, Victims and Guilt? I’m on it} and even a Dry Bite hurts. Like Hell. Imagine two < 10 Gauge Hypodermic Needles shoved into your arm or leg, by an animal that's all muscle and potentially doing an extra one just because they can. It HURTS! I don't want to imagine the release of venom! There's always a chance you'll catch them on a really bad day, and they'll say “Sod Dry Bites” before envenomating whomever pissed them off. Those bastards are Hardcore and Mean! They chase you from water onto land!! Seen it many times and ran my arse off once!

    That said, to all who see this, please don't kill anything just because you're afraid and too STOOPID to recognise whether or not a snake is venomous or non-venomous or, just because you're afraid of snakes (i.e. a PUSSY)
    One: It's Wrong
    Two: You're going to get a LifeLesson and if you're in my Air-Space, I'm gonna point at you, laugh and take pics vs calling for help!
    Three: Think ab it. Would you rather a lot of mice and rats on your property? You know, the whole Plague thingy and scores of other unpleasant diseases carried? These snakes keep those bastards in-check.

    You know what? Sod-It. We're putting Cottonmouths in the Bags. Luckily, the Bags aren't sound proof!

    Sucks, but defo dropping one for my Bruvva,


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    • Viking Life Blog · July 20

      Yeah, nature can be scary!
      Like you wrote, most animals want to avoid humans, even big Bears will properly try to avoid humans and they can kill with one hit.
      There is always a chance of just being unlucky, especially when not paying attention, like when working in the garden, jogging or playing as a child.

      Dangerous animals are often not the big scary ones that we expect, the tick might be the most dangerous in Denmark because what they have begone to carry.

      I have seen nature program about Diamondback, Copperhead, etc., but I don’t remember ever hearing about the Coral Snake.

      Australia seem to be full of dangerous snakes, spiders, etc..
      I think, they are called Black Snake and Brown Snake. They produce a lot of very toxic venom and they are very angry. Shit.

      I do read or watch programs about animals and I even post a little about it.
      Almost all animals are treathen. We really just live in a Clown World!

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      • tlamn · August 1

        True that. Interesting to see how badarse a bloke is when face-to-face with a damn Brown Snake and nothing but his hands. Real tough, I’m sure… HONK!

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    • Viking Life Blog · August 2

      Yeah, maybe 0,01% 🙂


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