Clown World 48

Masked assailants in droves: Sinister and brutal [and racist?] assaults on boys and young men in the same area

More than 95 cases of stone throwing at Danish cars on Swedish motorways this year

28-year-old sentenced to prison and deportation for hiting cop

Polish citizen jailed for theft of four tonnes of charity clothes

Søbygaard and Ærø

More than 95 cases of stone throwing at Danish cars on Swedish motorways this year

The Amish Question

Statues of Confederate Generals Come Down in Charlottesville, Virginia

Fun With Fraud’, How US Society is Obediently Destroying Itself & Enriching Those at the Top

Jewish Intellectuals Call On Gays To Perform Sex Acts In Front Of Children

Shocking New Court Document Shows FBI Used At Least 12 Informants To Entrap Men In Gretchen Whitmer Kidnapping Plot


“Not An Ounce Of Truth” Joe Finally Loses It During Voting Rights Speech

George Floyd Mural Destroyed After Being Struck By Lightning

Immigration World Poverty and Gumballs 2010 – Immigration Doesn’t Work

Whistleblower Leaks Email Revealing Biden Admin Using US Military to Secretly Move Illegal Aliens Around the Country

Drug overdose deaths in 2020 hit the highest number ever recorded, CDC data shows

About BlackRock

Bank of International Settlements Chief Wants “Absolute Control”

Arizona Audit Finds Massive Irregularities, Including More Than 74,000 Mail-In Ballots Counted Than Mailed Out

White House Admits to Flagging Posts For Facebook

Bank of International Settlements Chief Wants “Absolute Control”

UK Bans Fifth “National Socialist” Group Under Terror Laws

Hotel building collapses in East China

Taiwan and China BATTLE Over Pacific Nation Solomon Islands

China Dumping SEWAGE Near Philippines


Sapref oil refinery [Shell/BP] declares force majeure, shuts down a third of South Africa’s fuel supply

Tribalism in Europe and South Africa (Shock!)

Just make your own Beer / Cola! (Boer Bier & Boer Cola) | Daan Barnard

Armed citizens fire on rioters in Durban, South Africa

South Africa Collapse – Rioters Shot Dead, Burned Alive, Beaten and Bleeding to Death on streets; Factories, Stores, Farms BURNED

South Africa face looting, murders & chaos

Executive Outcomes

5 days of riots, looting, arson, violence and murder

South Africa Faces BLM Apocalypse as Mass Looting & Rioting Destroy Essential Supplies

South Africa: Looters as far as the eyes can see


Death toll in South African unrest jumps above 200 as looting and violence continues in KwaZulu-Natal

Former Top WHO And HHS Advisor: Chances Of Asymptomatic Spread Of COVID Is ZERO

Vietnamese Ambush Tactics: When the jungle speaks Vietnamese

1980: could NATO stop a Soviet tank rush in Europe?

Coconut Crab

Tortoise vs Bucket!!!

Finland Is Covering Reindeer Antlers With Reflective Paint To Prevent Auto Accidents

What is microplastic anyway? Inside the insidious pollution that is absolutely everywhere

An Ending (An Ascent) RIP.

Welcome To The New Game

A Look Back at Leftism

Some Thoughts on Nationalist Gaming

Knowing is Not Enough

Love Thy Neighbour

Why Were Medieval and Renaissance Aristocratic Republics Limited to High IQ Germanic Populations?

German car giants get billions in fines from EU, Mercedes snitched on VW, Audi, Porsche and BMW

21 dead in floods in Germany and Belgium

Not so Unusual Floods with Novel Side Effects in Western Germany

Japan’s German Rocket Fighter

German Waffen SS Cuff titles

Neutrality and Germanic Effort

Why German Commanders kept Fighting

Killing Rommel – The Demise of the Desert Fox

Jewish Intellectuals Call On Gays To Perform Sex Acts In Front Of Children

Myth of ISISrael’s defensive wars debunked

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