About Training

If I Could Only Do ONE Accessory – Favorite Variations for Squat, Deadlift and Overhead Press

Moving Towards Specificity – Transitioning Novice and Teenage Lifters to More Specialized Programs

How to Run ALL THE PROGRAMS – Linear Progression, Periodization, Block

Should You Tweak Programs or Run Them As-Is?? Taking Accountability for Individuality in Training

Starting as an Older Lifter: How to Plan for Competing in Strongman or Powerlifting Later in Life

How Important is Unilateral Work? Increase Efficiency and Decrease Risk w/ Single Leg Exercises

Review of Brandon Lilly’s Cube Method

OVERHEAD PRESS CHECKLIST – Strict OHP, Push Press, Jerk – My Favorite Variations, Split, Progression

How Do Prison Inmates Get BIG, STRONG and JACKED Without Barbells and Gym Equipment?

Blood Flow Restriction Training – Kaatsu (Occlusion Training) For Strength, Endurance and Rehab

The COMPLETE Squat Checklist – Variations, Accessory, Split, Progressions and more!

Survivorship Bias and the GOATs – Taking Data and Inspiration with a Grain of Salt

What Does it Mean to ‘Switch It Up’? Base vs Peak Phases and Planning Variety in Training Using SRN

R.P.E. vs % Based Programs – Rate of Perceived Exertion or Percentage of 1 Rep Max w/ Periodization?

How to BREAK Through Plateaus (BUILD YOUR BASE!) Base vs Ceiling – SAID Principle Explained

KEEP TRAINING SIMPLE! Phase Potentiation – Necessary Programming Component or Overhyped Distraction?

Hack Your CNS! Wave Sets Explained – Using Post Activation Potentiation to Prime Your Nervous System

Deload Week Explained – Controlling Volume and Intensity in Your Programs to Continue Growth

Candito 6 Week Linear Powerlifting Program Review

Greg Nuckols – Bench Press Program

Programming for Strength – General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS) Stress, Recovery & Progressive Overload

Using K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid) 80 20 Rule (Pareto’s Law) & M.E.D. (Minimum Effective Dose)

Classical Linear Periodzation vs Block Periodization Explained

How to Progress Sets/Reps for Strength; Linear Periodization Explained

Your Questions are Bad and You Should Feel Bad

This is How You Train Around a Hard Job (3 Rules)

This is What You Should Do Next Week (My 4 FAVORITE Strength Progressions)

The Problem with Being a Fast-Gainer (And the One Superpower That Slow-Gainers Have)

SCRAP Your Lifting Program


“What Are Powerlifters DOING?”

How to Become a More Effective Human

Greg Nuckols Free 3x per Week Deadlift Program

Greg Nuckols Free 2x per Week Deadlift Program – Novice/Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Greg Nuckols Free Deadlift Program – Novice/Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

4 Week Training Plan

The Norwegian (training) experiment

Training Programs

Lift Vault – Sheiko Program Spreadsheets & Templates

3 and 4 Day Programming

Squat Depth

How To Avoid The Dad Bod

How to: Power Clean

A Guide To Your First Powerlifting Meet

RPE Explained

Pain in the Gym (why & why not)

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Trans Fat and High Fructose Corn Syrup

Should You Lower Your Calories Or Increase Cardio?

GOMAD (Gallon Of Milk A Day) Diet To Gain 25 Pounds In 25 Days… My Analysis

Every Vitamin & Mineral the Body Needs (Micronutrients Explained)

The Food Pyramid Scheme



How exercise might (or might not) impact health-oriented nutrition recommendations

Type 2 Diabetes Reversal?

Insulin resistance

Eat Danish and drastically reduce pesticide intake

Ten Talk: “10 WAYS 10 min. WALKS will change your life”

High Blood Sugar Quick Fix Kit

Stretching: Is it GOOD or BAD?

Twice as Effective as Metformin!

“What’s the Best Diet?”

Vertical Diet Overview

The Keys to Pain Free Knees

Sugar Alcohols … and Sharting your pants

“High Blood Pressure Quick Fix Kit”

The Vertical Diet

Stan Efferding Seminar in THOR’s Powergym

“14 Tips to Improve Appetite”

About Sleep

Ten Minute Walks Will Change Your Life

Rhino’s Rhants #22- Shark Tank “Behind the Scenes”. Discovering the Shark in you!!

Rhinos Rhants #21

Rhinos Rhants #20 Stress For Success

Rhinos Rhants #17

Rhinos Rhants #16 – The REAL POISON that’s killing us

Stop Being So Fat with Stan Efferding

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Redneck Bumper Plates

How the Deadlift Will Save Your Life

15-Year-Old Boys’ Soccer Team Demands Equal Pay For Beating U.S. Women’s Team

The Case for Not Listening to Music When You Work Out

Benefits to keeping fit and healthy

Lifting more weights could work wonders for your sleep quality, new study suggests


Powerlifting Programs Evaluation

Talking Strongman with Flemming Rasmussen



Vanilla Gorilla

Don’t Waste Your Life | “Alive” Day | Ft. Veteran KC Mitchell

Importance of Rest & Recovery

Crazy Workout

Periodization and Programming for Strength Power Sports, with Mike Stone and Meg Stone

New Year’s Revolution: Deconstructing your 2017 Training Goals

Scientific Principles of Strength Training

The Power of Positivity

Powerlifting Isn’t Enough for Optimal Glory and Aesthetics

How to Breathe When Lifting Weights — The Art of Manliness

How to train for greater bone density

About Football


Don’t watch sports, do sports!

Lift weights and be awesome!

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Combative Strikes

Antifa Doesn’t Work Out, Hilarious Twitter Thread Exposes the Left as Weakling Soy Boys

TACTICAL Training 101

Local powerlifter lifts vehicle off man trapped underneath after accident

Are Men Becoming More Feminine?

The WAR on Masculinity


Why are you not working out?

Lenny Mclean vs Gypsy Bradshaw

Don’t judge a book by its cover


Lift weights and do cardio are both important, but there is something in between

“Hike Club”

My Advice!

The HEAVIEST Snatch + C&J EVER Totally Natty YEARS After Testing Positive For Winstrol

15 Year Olds Using SARMs To Get Jacked… Will SARMs Stunt Your Growth?

Pycnogenol Boosts Athletic Performance – Who Needs Doping?

About “Anti-Doping”

About Government “Sanctioned” Doping

Doping in Russia

“Denmarks War on Bodybuilding”

Danish Powerlifters 2018

Play the white man

Livet som elite styrkeløfter

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Why and How to Front Squat


  1. Viking Life Blog · September 28, 2021


  2. Viking Life Blog · December 30


  3. Viking Life Blog · March 16


  4. Viking Life Blog · September 24

    Do you really need to balance your “pushing” and “pulling” volume?


  5. Viking Life Blog · October 15

    “One Set to Failure is All You Need”

    Greg Doucette recently covered the High Intensity Training movement and their claims about optimal training. Inspired by Arthur Jones, Mike Mentzer and Dorian Yates, proponents of HIT training like Jay Vincent claim that high intensity strength training isn’t just optimal for hypertrophy, but you are foolish if you do anything else.


  6. Viking Life Blog · October 19

    4 Best Strength Programs on Boostcamp

    The 4 Free programs featured are some of the most popular and proven programs around. Boostcamp offers them absolutely free; just download the app, punch in your numbers and all of the complexity of record keeping is taken care of! Also, I am dropping my new premium program, Fullsterkur, which aims to build the physicality of a strongman using only the things available in a typical corporate gym!


  7. Viking Life Blog · October 25

    Periodization and the REAL Reason the Soviets Were So Dominant (ft. Greg Nuckols)

    Greg Nuckols talks about his article “Periodization: History and Theory”, discussing the real role periodization had in Soviet dominance in Olympic weightlifting and other sports (not as much as you think) and why they were actually such a sports powerhouse. He also talks about the differences between powerlifting and other sports and whether he thinks periodization models are appropriate for powerlifting.


  8. Viking Life Blog · 28 Days Ago

    How to Get “Strongman-JACKED” with Just a Barbell (No Stones Needed!)

    How to Get Started in Strongman with NO Equipment! Strongman athletes have impressive physicality, which includes a combination of mass, strength, speed, mobility and endurance. Whether you are prepping for your first show or simply want to add in more functional elements to your training, this presentation breaks down the important principles to gaining real-world strength.


  9. Viking Life Blog · 10 Days Ago

    There’s a good reason why Nordic people look so damn healthy

    There’s a good reason why Nordic people look so damn healthy


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