Gram Slot

Gram Castle in Gram in Haderslev Municipality, Gram Parish, Frøs Herred, is a former royal palace whose history dates back to 1232, when it is mentioned in King Valdemar Sejr’s [Valdemar II of Denmark] Earth Book, where it belonged to the Crown. It was then a castle located about 3 km northwest of the current castle. In 1314 it belonged to Duke Erik II of the Family of South Jutland. It is not known where the main building was at the time, but there are several ramparts in the surrounding area.

At the end of the 14th century, Gram was transferred to Henneke Limbek, a son of Claus Limbek. Around 1467 Ditlev Reventlow took over the estate.

It was under the ownership of the Reventlow family that the buildings around 1500 were moved to the current location, and parts of the current east wing are from that time.

The main building, which is listed, is a three-winged facility surrounded by moats, located by the castle lake on the northeastern outskirts of Gram.

The East Wing is now used for private residence, while the South and West Wings are often used in connection with various public events.

In 2014, TV Syd did the knitting competition The Great Knitting Nozzle at the castle. The program was broadcast over 12 weeks.

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In 2016, landowner and ceo Svend Brodersen announced that the Norwegian low-cost chain Rema 1000 currently owns 46 percent of ‘Gram and Nybøl Godser A/S’, commonly called Gram Slot.

Gram Slot – Wikipedia, den frie encyklopædi

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