List of cities and towns in Denmark

This article shows a list of cities in Denmark by population. The population is measured by Statistics Denmark for urban areas (Danish: Byområder), defined as a contiguous built-up area with a maximum distance of 200 meters between houses, unless further distance is caused by public areas, cemeteries or similar. Furthermore, to obtain the status of being a city (byområde), the area must have at least 200 inhabitants. Smaller settlements are by Danmarks Statistik included in numbers for rural areas (landdistrikter).

The largest urban area is the Hovedstadsområdet, the metropolitan area of Copenhagen.

Copenhagen (Sjælland) The Capital of All Nordic Countries and the Spiritual Capital for All Germanic People!

Aarhus (capital of Jylland)

Odense (capital of Fyn)

Aalborg (North Jylland)

Esbjerg (West Jylland)

See the full list here: List of cities and towns in Denmark – Wikipedia

Cities and towns in Denmark

Cities in the Faroe Islands‎ 
Cities and towns in Greenland

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Other parts of Denmark:

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