Monte Cassino ’44: German Perspective

The Battle of Monte Cassino from the German perspective with Dr. Magnus Pahl of the Military History Museum (MHM) of the Bundeswehr Dresden. This video covers the 2nd (German Perspective) / 3rd (Allied Perspective) of Monte Cassino. For this we use many German sources, yet also the British and New Zealand official Histories of the Second World War as well. We look at the combat operations and changes in position from 16th March 1944 to 26th March 1944.

Military History Visualized

Monte Cassino: The Soldier’s Story

German Ground Forces in the Italian Campaign 1943-45

German Paratroopers: Fallschirmjäger – Origins 1936-1937

Panzergrenadier Squad Tactics ’44

Panzergrenadiere 1944: Mission & Cooperation with Tanks

Encirclements – Panzergrenadier on the Eastern Front

The Panzergrenadier Commandments

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