Why Denmark Is Building Islands In The North Sea

Why is Denmark building islands in the North Sea?


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Greenland ditches oil plans – will protect nature and fishing

End-of-life wind turbine blades become new raw materials

Danish company has the technology ready for future CO2-neutral container ships

Europe has the world’s lowest level of energy self-sufficiency

Denmark Is Building World’s First Artificial Island Full of Giant Wind Turbines

WIND FARM ASSEMBLY Off The Coast Of Sylt – Millimeter Work In All Weathers

Anholt Offshore Wind Farm 2014 (English)

Port of Esbjerg



The Nordic countries have a combined population of approximately 27 million spread over a land area of 3.5 million km2 (Greenland accounts for 60% of the total area).

Little Oslo has passed Mighty Copenhagen in 2020 as the busiest airport in the Nordic countries (Covid-19)

Denmark is Building a Tunnel to Germany

By its completion in 2029, the tunnel will break world records and change the economies of the region.

The Fehmarntunnel becomes a heavyweight


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    Denmark’s Plans for a $2.4BN Island off Copenhagen


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