Five bricklayers deported after control operation

(A bricklayer in PaouaCentral African Republic).

Five bricklayers deported after control operation

Earlier this week, the Immigration Control Department of South Zealand and Lolland-Falster Police in Rødbyhavn was on a control operation at a construction project in Haslev.

Here we met five foreign citizens who worked as bricklayers.

The five men worked for a foreign company, but they were not able to present a valid employment contract, so they were arrested on the provisions of the Aliens Act.

The investigation has shown that it was illegal work because the foreign company did not have the right to second craftsmen from a so-called 3rd country, i.e. a country outside the EU, and no valid employment contract had been written.

The five bricklayers are fined and the Immigration Service has decided that they are expelled from Denmark with a two-year entry ban.

The persons will be remanded in custody until they can be sent by Denmark to the Danish Repatriation Agency.

Fem murere udvises efter kontrolaktion | Nyheder | Sydsjællands og Lolland-Falsters Politi

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