Two men (at least 1 of them are foreigner) convicted of burglary and weapons theft

Two men were sentenced to three years and three years and three months respectively for a burglary in Hvidovre, where they stole several firearms from a gun locker.

The two men, aged 21 and 29 respectively, were charged with committing a burglary at a house in Hvidovre on 16 October 2020. In connection with the break-in, they targeted a gun cabinet containing, among other things, two revolvers, a pistol and a hunting rifle, as well as DKK 36,000 in cash. The two burglars were convicted of transporting the gun cabinet away from the property and attempting to store the weapons.

The 21-year-old man, who was sentenced to the longest sentence, was also sentenced to deportation and received the sentence. The second convict appealed against his sentence of three years in prison.

To mænd dømt for indbrud og våbentyveri | Nyheder | Københavns Vestegns Politi

Illegal weapons, gangs and violent extremism in Denmark

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