Jews Complain That Whites See Them As Black And That Blacks See Them As White

After a century and a half of trying to assimilate into White culture — and begrudingly being accepted as “white” — Jews are now offended that Blacks insist that Jews are “white” and part of “white supremacy” and “white privilege” that Jews want the help of Blacks to destroy:

It was less than a century ago that white-presenting Jews were defined as Black. White supremacist arbiters of whiteness — in an obsession with racial categorization as a scientific justification for a hierarchy of power — dissected this topic. In this conceptualization, skin color was not dispositive of race. It couldn’t be, because whiteness was viewed as pure, and Jews were (and continue to be) viewed as an impure threat to whiteness.


Rather, race was a holistic determination, and having “Black blood” meant genetic and moral inferiority. A British scientist named John Beddoe went so far as to score Jews on a “Blackness” scale, classifying us as 100% Black.

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Jews Complain That Whites See Them As Black And That Blacks See Them As White | Christians for Truth

Controversial Study Reveals Jews Have A Racial Caste System Like India With The Whitest On Top.

Powerful Jewish Group Wants To Convince America That Jews Are Neither ‘White’ Nor ‘Privileged’.

Jews Renew Demand That The World Stops Noticing That They Have ‘Distinctive Noses’

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