China Throws TANTRUM at the Olympics

China has been quick to point out when others—mostly journalists and media organizations–”politicize” the Olympics in ways that don’t suit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). But while the CCP is busy criticizing the world for making China look bad, the CCP is making itself look bad by making the Olympics all about perceived slights against China. One might call that “politicizing the Olympics.”

China Uncensored

About Government “Sanctioned” Doping

About Anti-White Politics in Sports

About China


  1. cheriewhite · July 31

    I love your post! China and the CCP are making a classic bully move- attacking the rest of the world, then claiming to be the victim. What a bunch of crybullies!

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    • Viking Life Blog · July 31

      You are absolutely right, a very important topic.

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    • Otto F. · August 1

      China is an annoyance at best, but Zionism is the world’s true enemy, do not forget.

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