The Sperg Box

I drove out of State for to do some work for a friend. Those are the best kind you can take, when you can. But for the drive I stayed overnight, and took my morning exercise in the form of a walk along the highway. On the return pass a tree caught my eye. The ensuing photo does it no great justice.

Oosh, tbh fam, amirite?

I was reminded at once of Ygg’s Steed. We know how Yggdrasil is spoken of. Here was a tree attacked by bugs, gnawed by beats of the field and the sky. Rot, thunder, fire all have mangled the great World Tree. And yet it puts forth leaf, bright as the new dawn. As Yggdrasil can be seen as life, so we can see the struggle. Weathering indignity, reaching for the sun.

The highway puckerbrush stands, a wasted husk at the base, yet putting forth…

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