Adult Afghan “rapes” 13 year old girl – court rules “not guilty” because “it was just rough youth love”.

Thanks to Germaniban-Frank @Wanderfrank

An Afghan was charged with sexual acts with a child (13). The man – then 22 years old according to files – was acquitted.

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Afghanistans flag

Three more people convicted of multi-million kroner fraud

In a case of gross telephone fraud primarily targeting senior citizens, three men have confessed and received sentence

Six people charged with 680 counts of fraud against elderly

Afghan citizen arrested with fake passport in Denmark

Sweden: Afghan Who Worked at a Migrant Integration Charity Arrested in Rape Case

Sweden: Afghani Given “Asylum” after Claiming “Rape” Fear – Goes on to Gang Rape Swedish Girl.

Munich: Six Afghan “Asylum Seekers” Rape 15-Year-Old German Schoolgirl

‘Too young to prosecute’: German police drop case of 10yo Afghan boy who raped classmate.

Woman who campaigns against the deportation of migrants from Sweden was raped and sexually assaulted by two Afghan teenagers she met outside a bar.

Adult Afghan asylum seeker who lied he was a child refugee before raping and murdering EU official’s daughter is jailed for life in Germany.

EU officials’ daughter raped & drowned in river by Afghan immigrant

Afghan asylum seeker ‘rapes four-year-old boy in toilet at German migrant centre

Horror as 15 people are attacked ‘by 17-year-old Afghan refugee’ wielding an axe in German train rampage before police shot him dead.

13 year old girl was raped and suffocated to death in Austria last weekend by Afghan refugees aged 16-18

Danish Immigration Ministers says Integration Has Become a DISASTER


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