New Dutch Study Of Cost Of Refugees — VDARE

Vermont Folk Troth

Earlier, by John Derbyshire: *100,000* Afghan Refugees Coming Here???!!! Why Not Settle Them Amid Co-Ethnics In The ‘Stans?

A couple of months ago, James Thompson summarized a vastly informative new Dutch study of the net taxes minus expenditure contributions (detriments) by type of immigrant to the Netherlands (a translation into English begins on p. 19):

Western governments have rarely carried out large scale and detailed analyses of the […] costs of immigration with country-of-origin comparisons. […] immigration was seen as a fundamentally good policy, which should not be questioned. …

[…]Immigration from non-Western regions is usually unfavourable for public finances. This applies especially to the areas of origin Caribbean, West-Asia, Turkey and North, Central and West Africa with net costs ranging from €200,000 to €400,000 per immigrant, and Morocco, the Horn of Africa and Sudan with net cost of €550,000 to €600.000 per immigrant. By way of comparison:…

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