‘Dunning–Kruger effect’ & ‘The long march through the institutions’

Thanks to ‘The long march through the institutions‘ everything from nursery to university has been inflitrated and is almost completely controlled by ‘Cultural Marxists‘. The result of this combined with a ‘Cultural Marxistsentertainment and news industry is, that most people become something like brainwashed drones (NPCs). People that “mistakenly assessing their ability as much higher than it really is” or in other words, people who think very highly of themselves and their point of views (programming).

This is what the people in power/ruling class want and one of democracy’s biggest weakness! Drones that happeily sells their childrens future for material goods, annual vacations to sh-thole countries and a pat on the back.

The Frankfurt School and Critical Theory – Cultural Marxism

The Four stages of ideological subversion

Rules for Radicals

Divide and Rule

Controlled Opposition

Parallel society





Intentional community

Community Building – IRL

We are all in this together!

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