Woke is a recently popular word, politically correctly interpreted as meaning leftist politically “awake” or “aware”.

Leftist Wikipedia claims that the word is of Black origin, therefore implied to be more politically correct, despite the word long being a simple past tense of “wake”, derived from a Germanic word.

The “Great Awokening” is a less politically correct term for the recent leftist radicalization, derived from the term the Great Awakening, thus implying similarity to a religious movement.


Woke supremacism is a term for supremacist views by “woke” individuals and organizations, such as by demanding and coercing censorship and persecutions of the non-woke.


Leftist supremacism is an ideology based on the belief that (certain) leftists are a superior group and therefore should control or rule other groups.

Communism, especially its common Marxist-Leninist variant, includes concepts such as “dictatorship of the proletariat” and “vanguard party” that in effect mean that Communists should rule over non-Communists, even if this is against the wishes of the majority of the population. Demands for a worldwide Communist revolution mean that Communism should be spread by force and conquer the whole world.

Social anarchism by definition, in theory, excludes anyone ruling over anyone, but when social anarchists briefly controlled some territory during the Spanish Civil War, they committed large-scale violence against suspected opponents.


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Narcissists, Psychopaths, & Manipulators Are More Likely To Engage In “Virtuous Victim Signaling”, Study Finds.

New study shows that leftists, and especially those who identify as Marxists, suffer from mental illness more often.

The Karen Mindset: The Psychology of Entitlement

White Savior Complex

“Moral high ground”

Virtue Signalling


Ivory Tower


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The Frankfurt School and Critical Theory – Cultural Marxism

The Four stages of ideological subversion

The long march through the institutions

Rules for Radicals

Divide and Rule

Ruling Class

Controlled Opposition

Psychological Warfare

Identity Politics

Psychological Manipulation

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