FBI agent tried to profit financially from knowledge of Michigan governor ‘kidnapping’ plot, defense lawyers claim

Ty Garbin was the one of the six arrested and charged with the kidnapping plot in October of last year to plead guilty. He will be acting as a witness against his alleged co-conspirators. 

An FBI agent who helped ‘foil’ a plot to abduct Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer may have used his knowledge of the case to
lend credibility to his private cyber intelligence company, newly filed court documents allege. Attorneys for five defendants charged with attempting to kidnap the Democratic governor are seeking information about special agent Jayson Chambers, after a BuzzFeed report claimed that the FBI agent may have published tweets about the undercover operation before it was made public. The foiled kidnapping plot – allegedly hatched in retaliation against Whitmer’s Covid-19 measures – was initially used as evidence of the domestic threat posed by right-wing extremism. But the narrative began to fall apart after it was revealed that at least 12 undercover informants played major roles in the scheme, leading to allegations of entrapment.

Additional survival tricks

Michigan: Lead FBI Agent In Gretchen Whitmer Kidnapping Case Gets Arrested For Felony Domestic Violence

Shocking New Court Document Shows FBI Used At Least 12 Informants To Entrap Men In Gretchen Whitmer Kidnapping Plot

Feds Indict Own Informant As Gretchen Whitmer Kidnapping Case Unravels

13 Antifa Members ARRESTED For Trying to KIDNAP Governor Gretchen Whitmer to START A CIVIL WAR

2nd Amendment Watch: FBI Agent Who Helped Set Up Michigan Militia Has History Of Abusing Political Dissidents

New Orleans: High Ranking Lesbian FBI Agent Arrested For Allegedly Beating Wife

FBI “Domestic Terrorism” Unit Is Composed Of Reckless Sexual Predators Who Keep Rainbow Dildos In Their Office and Show Up To Work Drunk, Explosive New Lawsuit Alleges

Louisiana: Another FBI Agent Arrested For Raping Small Children

FBI Predators Accused Of Grooming Kids, Shooting Civilians and Extorting Women In The Last Month Alone

FBI Agent Accused Of Raping Women At Knife Point Now Arrested For Sodomizing Child Under Age 12

Flag of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.svg

The FBI Paid Leader Of Satanic Pedophile Death Cult $82,000 To Take Over Atomwaffen Division In Order To Brainwash, Drug and Entrap Its Young Members

Pink Police State: FOIA Documents Show FBI Surveilled Conservative Christian Women’s Group For Their Beliefs

National Justice Exclusive: Whistleblower Exposes Department of Justice and FBI Dirty Tricks To Abuse and Steamroll The Rights Of January 6th Defendants

2nd Amendment Watch: FBI Agent Who Helped Set Up Michigan Militia Has History Of Abusing Political Dissidents

Jewish FBI Agent Infiltrates Bible Study Group And Tries To Entrap Its Members

White Terror Hoax: Mentally Disabled Man Gets 6.5 Years In Prison After Dishonest FBI Took His “Moon Man” Memes Literally And Set Him Up

FedEx Shooter Was On FBI’s Radar, But They Lost Interest Because He Wasn’t Racist

Boulder Attack Is Seventh High Profile Mass Shooting Where Attacker Was Known To FBI Beforehand

National Justice Exclusive: Lead FBI Investigator In “Ricky Vaughn” Case Revealed To Be Gay Liberal

Blacks Committed 73% of Mass Shootings In 2020. Many Cases Remain Unsolved. Where Is The FBI?

Black Lives Matter Organizer Seen Entering Capitol Building With Crowd Is Likely An FBI Agent Provocateur

Leaked Documents Suggest The FBI and British Intelligence Are Using COINTELPRO Tactics Against Nationalists

Minneapolis FBI Protects Anarchists, Claims They Had Nothing To Do With George Floyd Riots

New FBI Data Shows Whites Underrepresented and Blacks Overrepresented As “Hate Crime” Offenders

Fact Check: FBI/DOJ is LYING; Stats Show Black Terrorists Far More Dangerous Than “White Supremacists”

“Antifa” Supporter Provided Fake Tip to FBI and Ruined a Couple’s Life

Ghislaine Maxwell Documents Unsealed: Allegations Against Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton, Others — FBI Knew Had Evidence of the Crimes for Years

Skinhead Group Members Sentenced To Decades In Prison After FBI Entrapped Them and Then Destroyed Exonerating Evidence

Trove of Leaked FBI, Fusion Center and DHS Documents Provide Insight Into Antifa, Charlottesville, Political Bias, and the Erosion of Civil Liberties

Interview With National Guardsman Whose Information FBI Agents Leaked to “Antifa” After Torturing and Threatening Him For His Political Beliefs

Time To Break Up The FBI?

The FBI and Jewish Organizations Invent Anti-White Coronavirus Conspiracy Theory

FBI Demands White Nationalist Get Ten Years in Prison for Smoking Marijuana

FBI Arrests National Socialists Ahead of Virginia Gun Rally

FBI Fabricates Another White “Terror” Plot

Is The FBI Browsing Twitter? Extremely MYSTERIOUS Account

FBI Labels Conspiracy Theories as a Terror Threat

The FBI Browses 4chan

8chan, 4chans Little Brother is Being Raided by the FBI

Martin Luther King “Looked on and Laughed” While Friend Raped Woman, Unsealed FBI Documents Claim

ADL, CNN, FBI, Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance Pushing to Criminalize White Nationalism

Six Nonwhites of FBI’s “Ten Most Wanted” Classed as “White” by US Government

FBI Confirms Obama Administration Colluded With Putin and the Russian Government

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