Australian Judge Orders National Socialist Activist Be Kept in Prison Due to Posing “Unacceptable Terrorism Risk”

An australian National Socialist who allegedly talked about carrying out a mass shooting will be kept behind bars when his weapons sentence expires.

Michael Holt “poses an unacceptable risk of committing a serious terrorism offence if not either detained or supervised”, Justice Natalie Adams said in the supreme court.

She ordered the 31-year-old be subject to a 28-day interim detention order from 9 September, when his sentence for a string of NSW firearm offences expires.

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  1. tlamn · August 31

    Sounds like the bollocks used to deny bail and/or force solitary confinement on Charlottesville and other wrongly/falsely accused and charged Nationalists in the US. DAs, Judges, Reps from SPLC and SPLC Solicitors, quote from their damn website, and suddenly a bail offer or lesser sentence changes to an increase in severity based on, NOT the Law but rather, a GD Website written by morons.

    To any US Residents reading, this is what happens when < 6% of Registered Voters Participate in Off-Year, Down-Ballot and/or Municipal Elections. IOW, yes! You DO have a direct means and influence to counter this crap. CRT (SEL & CRN) got ya down? School Board and County Board of Commissioners, City Council, DAs, Judicial and State Legislative Races are how we stop it. These individuals and bodies select criteria and curriculum for K-12. Screaming, waving signs and picking up trash ain't gonna cut it! If sources are needed, please specify Statistics or English. Spend all of your time tweeting about 2022 and 2024, missed 2017, 2019 and any Primaries related to them or 2021? Not gonna bother voting this November, as 88% won't?
    Shh. You've ZERO room to piss and whinge.
    Am I saying it's your fault?
    You're damn skippy I am! Apathy is as vile as Treason, especially Informed Apathy where we can't play the “I didn't know…” Card. This is NOTHING! Wait until we get rolling!

    This is a Norm. An International Norm! They are branding us. Scarlet Letters. Yellow Stars (if I was in Germany, my arse would be in serious trouble right now! Speech and Thoughts are Crimes?) pinned on our clothes. Everything bad, history and present, it's compressed into a Singularity, a Neutron Star or a Hypocentre created by a Fission-Fusion Device detonation. Incredible pressures, heat, perfect timing w/in micro-seconds, using Radiation as an energy/pressure source! These are amazing acts, natural and artificial. Like Maths, a person or an agenda are necessary to use the device for Evil or to take the raw data and manipulate it to favour one Side, magnifying and multiplying the the effects to reach the conclusion sought vs the conclusion, solved variables, evidence and true acts as Human Beings w/out outside influences! They're afraid. We're upsetting the status quo. The two Party System in the US (already under attack as proven by The 2018 Schism and reaffirmed yearly as the Progs tear the EstDEM Party asunder!! The GOP entered a Schism (sry. But, CalledIT! BOOSH!) and lacking the previously set foundations and reactions, it's gonna suck!
    Elsewhere, N'Lists, Populists, EuroSkeps/Sceps, our Side, are the monsters in the shadows, the scapegoat for the ills of society or the reasons why XYZ didn't win their Elections. That's find! Politics is UGLY business! But it's not cool when people are judged, judged more harshly than those actually committing the crimes, those committing the same crimes, and often those who committed worse/multiple Crimes. But political affiliation and Skin Colour, even Gender and Sexuality, are negatives.

    As THE Based Dyslexic Jedi Master, Yoda said; Small in numbers maybe, but everywhere we are. Act like it, we must or our Futures, we Foxtrot.


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    • tlamn · August 31

      Son of a bitch. Ignore the second “The” and “That’s Find”? Really? Gonna replace Fine with Find, as it’s such a popular saying and makes so much sense!! Even the tense… is bollocks. Mea culpa. Wait, why am I apologising for WordPress and a retarded AI?

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      • Viking Life Blog · September 1

        You should see the spelling and words here, if it’s not very English like words with w,x,y,z it will try to add Danish words instead.

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      • tlamn · September 2

        Ouch! Damn WordPress and AI! Screwing with HonkFam autocorrect/complete is asking for… a lot more obscenities!!

        But that does sound annoying as Hell

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      • Viking Life Blog · September 2

        The tablet seem to be learning to write English, on a Danish keyboard.
        It’s getting better.


    • Viking Life Blog · September 1

      The anti-Whites has never been fair.


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