China’s BIG LIE About Tibet

The Chinese Communist Party is celebrating the 70th anniversary of what state-run media calls the “peaceful liberation” of Tibet. Liberation from . . . self rule? From being able to follow your customs, practice your religion, speak your own language and not be put in a re-education camp? The Tibetans must feel do indebted to the Chinese Communist Party for saving it from that awful fate.

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  1. tlamn · August 31

    There are only a few topics that make me so angry, I see the “Red Mist” each time I proactively encounter or overhear – Sadly, the latter is not a common engagement. Hell, #FreeTibet (sans the #) was more popular in the U.S. during the late-1990s through 2000s vs Today. Kinda like the Rwandan Genocide, One Million Murdered = 100 Days/Eight Million = Five – Seven yrs! Wow. What a RANDOM series of coincidences, innit?{end caustic sarcasm} –
    What the CPC did to Tibet, the People, the land, the history and the exile of those few able to flee and His Holiness (I was honoured, humbled, grateful and so happy I was able to see, in-person, and hear His Holiness) The Dalai Lama.

    As they, the CPC, planned years before #Baozi’s punk arse assumed his position and reaffirmed it by adding Paramount Leader, they’ve sought to undermine Buddhism, All Schools but especially Tibetan, will see some impact, especially those ASEANs states, and IndoPac Region, or those part of OB/OR now known as BRI, financially shackling nations via the AIIB Investments and Currency. As warned since the “Flare-Up”* in the mid-2010s, when the Nine-Dash-Line reappeared, PRC has several Goals, of these, replacing the USD as The Petrocurrency is a major motivation. Now, commanding Digital Currency with the Yuan set as The Standard & Exchange Rate Points.

    *Senkaku Island Chain and the then-newly established PRC Air Space – Requiring all air traffic to seek and request permission to Enter and fly-through “PRC Airspace” meaning every International Commercial Air Carrier had to be pre-approved, the routes “recognised” and each Flight had to radio prior to entering the New PRC ADIDZ, part of that cute map with lines drawn on it, announcing their info and destination and awaiting the Permission to continue by PRC ATCs/PLAAF (note: This info is already filed, routes known before going wheels-up, or what’s SOP for EVERY Commercial Cargo or Passenger Aircraft, as required by IACO, International Laws et al.) so the routes weren’t exactly a secret – not that it mattered since NO ONE Obeyed the new “Requirements” and they quickly vanished! LOL! Serious Gasface!

    Yep. I’m avoiding the main topic of discussion because I’ll get really, really, really angry. FoxtrotPRC (Politburo) FoxtrotBaozi and FoxtrotCPC. #FreeTibet_HK_China #BaoziPeesSittingDown #BaoziIsABitch

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    • tlamn · August 31

      Whoops. Got ahead of myself. Sorry.

      What the CPC and PRC Military did to Tibet is nothing short of Politicide and Democide with added genocide. They followed and set the Pattern; how to destroy an entire culture and Nation State without punishment. Of course, they’re so backwards they had to “borrow” the methods for the Three-‘Cides from the Soviet Union before the Sino-Soviet Split. Like the Go’uld (points to any Stargate fans out there) they are scavengers, parasites and depend on stealing, purchase of illegal information (F-16, failed IAF and Israel-State funded Lavi Aircrat Programme. Selling the highly advanced, and still Badarse F-16, to PRC to recoup ”their loses” but using other guilt donations via other currencies… My head hurts.) and the J-10 was born!

      For Tibet


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      • Viking Life Blog · September 1

        Yeah, they has stolen a lot, copyed, reverse engineered, etc..


    • Viking Life Blog · September 1

      Yeah, Tibet and Dalai Lama use to enjoy the support of the music and movie “elite”.
      That has changed and only very few support them today.


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