The Enemy of My Enemy Is Not Necessarily My Friend

Some say “The enemy of my enemy is my friend“, most likely because they are weak and gay. A good example of that is the Rainbow-Alliance of WWII, which brought us to this miserabel point in history!

I might have misunderstod “Based Poland”, “Based Putin”, “White Sharia” and other Alt-Right menes, but flirting with the enemies of the White Race(s) will always feel wrong to me. What ever good Mexico, Poland, Russia, Israel, China, etc. do for themselves has in principle nothing to do with White people and our problems. It would most likely be bad for us.

We should be careful not to seek comfort and false hope in other races and countries, especially those who are clearly not our friends.

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Eastern Europe is our Mexico!

About Russia

About China

About Israel

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Stockholm Syndrome

Normalcy bias

Bystander effect




Blissful Ignorance Effect

Echo Chamber

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The Frankfurt School and Critical Theory – Cultural Marxism

The Four stages of ideological subversion

The long march through the institutions

Rules for Radicals

Divide and Rule

Ruling Class

Controlled Opposition

Psychological Warfare

Psychological Manipulation

False Flag

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Both Environment and Genetic Makeup Influence Behavior


  1. Eternal Anglo Seax · September 4

    I’ve probably been dreadfully wrong about more important things. But I think a lot of the “based_________” memes come from a place of desperation. It’s more or less a muted Messianism buried in a thin veil of irony. You look around, and it doesn’t look as though your immediate countrymen will do anything more than make a show of safety valve “resistance” in the form of a legally sanctioned protest here, or whatever. Much the less be willing to grasp some kind of sustainable programme of thinking, philosophy or discipline. So very existential we are.

    In America where I imagine the sentiment in question is strongest, (though I hear other countries have this vested interest too) it is bolstered by a general lack of cohesive identity. ‘American’ as a surrogate identity has been rather bluntly deconstructed and has little functional value, (and I think this truth, if subliminated, is increasingly known) regional identity is waning though some tarry on keeping it alive, and ethnic identity is almost like a necronomic spell for most who have a vague conception of Whiteness that hasn’t yet been highjacked by alphabet soup agencies. Vis a vis your repost about (I think) Near-Eastern, some Amerinds and Asiatics being White.

    Some folks might think of these kinds of groupings as a way of creating a meat shield. I don’t know how well the positions are really thought out en masse. But it’s easy to swallow a mythologised foreign entity whose potential extends rather duplicitously toward a goal which you think is erstwhile.

    Is Hungary still based? I’ve not been keeping up as much with the Joneses as I used to.

    For what it is worth, in my shrinking travelling circles I’ve heard next to nothing about these questions lately. Which at times compels me to wonder how much of a genuine sentiment if is, as opposed to something planted by exterior sources and left as a unit of neurolinguistic programming. Whatever. Sad long sperg rant for sad times. Hopefully is well with you in the Land of Hyggelig and Flæsketeg.

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    • Viking Life Blog · September 4

      I agree, people are sleeping. Espcially here in Denmark, with the “based left” who want to stop “refugees” from even coming to DK to process their cases, etc..

      I hope, that Americans has a grown interest in Europe and being European. While looking at Europe they might learn about where their values and general culture comes from, both based on genetic.
      I don’t think, that I remember the post, you write about.

      Yes. People might also have a “historic bias”. Like here in Denmark where people look at UK, USA and Germany and think, that is where the problems are worse and where they usually are solved for us (like WWI and WWII).

      Hungary has always been a sh-thole, nothing based about that.

      I hope so. The meme will properly die out, because it is gay. But normies will properly believe in it, for much longer. Israel, Poland and Russia is like a fairytale to them (hyper gay).

      Thanks. The Corona stuff is being fased out. Mostly last month and on the first of this month and the rest on the tenth, as I understand.

      I don’t have much to complaine about.

      I too, has changed my diet. I think, that I have lost a little weight again.
      I eat Flæskesteg earlier this week and has been eating more Red Meat lately, instead grounded beef.

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      • Eternal Anglo Seax · September 4

        You know, there has always been an interest in roots for America. The problem has always been that we have a Media Industrial Complex that commodifies and resells our interests back to us through safety valves and reinforced recurring narratives. A perfect example is Vikings, a healthy and good interest among Whites everywhere who probably have x% of Grimthor Stranglenegger in their veins at any time. What do they do? They make palatable shows like History Channel “Vikings.” Which I thought was more of a sales pitch for death metal fashion. But they suck you in, and by season 5 or whatever most low information types are thinking the Vikings were a bunch of foreigner loving half fags that did mushrooms and boned witches in the woods.

        There’s plenty of other examples, but I figured that’s something we share as an interest. If not, than there’s the phenomenon of the “Plastic Paddy” which is where Jews and Chinamen sell the Irish back their culture in the cheapest and most degrading form possible and encourage them to identify with that and not the wonderful, beautiful cultural tapestry which is real their ancestors left. I would assume that something similar happened to the Italians but I’m not very close to the Italians.

        But if there’s any good news it’s that despite the best efforts of the Media-Industrial Complex (what I’m trying to refer to ZOG as now) folks keep looking. A lot of folk sense how shallow the programming is. As time drags on more will come around. The rest I fear will likely be miscegenated into oblivion, or else cope so hard they zero sum into another dimension of uselessness.

        I’ll tell you what I’d settle for. And that’s not so much questionable cultural alliances, but a reduced resistance from subverted members of our own respective peoples. If White Anglo-Americans quit being shitlibs, and Hiberno-Americans (or Danish, German, French extracts) quit being retarded government stooges than we could do great things. I don’t even think we need them in the benches, so much as out of the trenches (as it were.)

        Yes, I read a lot about Denmark. The policy reversal on gay CoVAIDS, the murmurings about immigration being unhelpful. I hope that America follows suit to your country, and not Australia, which I fear is a possibility.

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      • Viking Life Blog · September 4

        Yeah, the ‘Vikings’ TV show is very degenerate. I have seen some of season one and two.

        The entertainment industry has similar influence here, maybe not as effective. Because many people still are proud of their Viking past, but Cultural Marxism is still going strong.

        I remember a few years ago, one of Denmarks biggest movie companies said that they didn’t cast as many non-Whites as they wanted/liked because of ticket sales in country-side (I don’t know if that is still the case).

        Being White and proud of our (Viking/Germanic/Danish) past can easily have a comeback/some sort of renaissance. It has happened a number of times before.

        The Netherlands tryed it and failed, CovAids went up in numbers. Denmark is hoping to time it right and move on. The plan is to only keep border restrictions for now.
        Yeah, Australia has only been bad news in the regard.

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      • Eternal Anglo Seax · September 4

        I agree. I hope for a Germanic revival. The seeds for it are scattered. Asatru is one thing, but I hope to live to see the day where a more general Germanic revival that isn’t only about religion spreads out. Hell, I’d be happy if the other Anglos took as much interest in our heritage as they do avoiding being called bad names. And here I mean not the other Anglo bros in the Bund, but more generally the people you see on the street looking dumb with their finger and their thumb in the shape of an L on their forehead. I’m glad that the Farm-Danes thwarted the electric Jew in the living room.

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      • Viking Life Blog · September 4

        Good point and I agree. Like I posted before, Germanic Unity is the answer to the JQ!

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      • Eternal Anglo Seax · September 4

        Someday to make that happen, New England will have to go a-viking and Strandhogg a bunch of Anglos and Scandos. Luckily the Swedes are used to Stockholm Syndrome, and we have some of those up north in a little enclave we’re going to go to this summer. So, we’ll start the Aesir/Vanir war in Sweden and skip to the hostage exchange. ;P

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      • Viking Life Blog · September 4

        I support that!

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  2. muunyayo · September 6

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