Nuclear submarines for Australia just started a new Pacific military alliance against China!

This newsflash video goes in depth on the biggest piece of news in geopolitics in years. A new military alliance in the Pacific created. And kickstarted by Australia getting nuclear fueled submarines. To find out more, watch the video!

Binkov’s Battlegrounds

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China responds angrily to Australia-US joint statement a day after AUKUS submarine deal was announced

China threatens to sail its navy into Hawaiian waters as US and Australia announce defence pact

Australia in ‘a terrible lot of trouble’ with $90b ‘con-job’ submarine program

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  1. tlamn · September 18

    Nice. I was piecing together a few of the old AUKUS Issues and the potential rift/not renewing the ISR Sharing Agreement a few years ago plus France pulling their Ambassador (esp. with the Anniversary Celebration today. Damn!!) but it’s France. Not really NATO but sorta. All French Naval Pilots must be certified to land on US Navy Carriers, until PRC finishes downloading any additional blueprints and tried to build their third, France and USN are the only Navies to use CATOBAR launch and catch Carriers.

    Biden pissed off our oldest Ally on Constitution Day and the Anniversary!?!? IR FAIL!!

    Still, interesting potential fallout. Even Among the EU and possible motivation to renew the notion of an EU Military and then France-Germany-Spain FCAS idea that screwed the German X-Plane Competition. (Verhofstadt and Enders! Sod You Both)

    But, Oz will have X cancel further talks re the potential multi-billion USD deal w/ France and their new nuclear subs. It’s a delicate game, Diplomacy, like when Japan and ROK decided to not renew the Imtel Sharing Agreement, same as AUKUS, ppl were pissed!! Wonder why France didn’t care? Oh, the subs?! LOL. Still, kinda shite idea because it’s not just the Deal but the shite message and France proactively wants to take an Active & Defensive Posutue in the INDO-PAC Theatre with the U.K., Oz and us. It’s a great FP action given their History in the Region, their advanced Naval Forces and another Power telling Baozi and PRC/ Chill Your Arses!!

    Odd timing! With ROK ready to test SLBMs and potential DPRK attention-seeking (been a while) the notion of Extended Deterrence under the US Niclear Umbtella is not exactly perceived as Great amongst Oz, Japan, ROC and ROK, each of them able to take a personal or partnership in developing Conventional Arms and Thermo Deterrence. Either will lead to an Arms Race and DPRK will probe and Push, but maybe not a bad idea. Screw PTBT, CBTO and the UN. Why not offer to supply a minimum of info and designs to help? Increases faith in our dedication and reassures as well as offering a hedge! (Saying as a broad What If. Too complicated to fully cover in case anyone decides to point out the obvious, I am aware! Just saying!

    But everything happening within a few days? That’s crazy. We debated Deterrence Theories whilst tracking today. My brain hurts!

    Not funny part. Biden needs to do something NOW!! We cannot appear weak for long! But props to the US Navy for BURNING the Hell outta PRC and PLAN today! Priceless and Classy!

    As for new Weapons, Mk7/W93 is needed. Brits will retire Hol. (version of W76- MIRV) and are looking to US to build the new Standard Warhead to fit on their UGM–133/A Trident D5 SLBMs! I mean, it’s not like the UK and Oz have any history with T/Nuclear or largest Boosted Fission Device EVER detonated! The



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    • Viking Life Blog · September 18

      Yeah, it’s good to see Australia doing what China are doing to us: Australia will finance their uboats with export to China, mainly from their Iron mines (I guess). lol

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      • tlamn · October 9

        And a lil bit of LEU!

        Oddly, in 2019, the Democratic-lead House Armed Services Committee wanted to include potential in-depth research and feasibility re LEU reactor cores in the Fiscal Year (FY) budget for FY2020, and the GOP-led Senate Armed Services Committee wanted to prohibit use of/assigning Funds towards LEU Reactor Research. Of course, their opponents in each Chamber opposed the other side’s moves.

        DEMs like it, because using LEU is the first (unmentioned by the Party and NGOs) towards ending nuclear proliferation and weapons, and the timing was perfect: The SSBN(X) or the Columbia-Class Boomers, to replace the Virginia-Class SSNs and future Carriers will fall under this time-frame, seeing the Virginia SSN fully retired and the last replacement boat delivered due several years later 2060s – 70s.

        There’s also the HALEU, High Assay low Enriched Uranium technology that’s in research-mode, instead of the typical LEU U235 assay (concentration after the raw U238 undergoes Enrichment Processing). Natural uranium ore, formerly pitchblend, now uraninite, contains only trace amounts of isotopes U235, around .071%, the majority being U238 and at <1% U234. HALEU is 7% – 20%, just above the typical LEU used in standard Nuclear Reactors ~4%.

        Here's what's neat: Aussie's boast 13 of the 16 Uranium Deposit Types, most importantly, the three major Types re ease of access and extraction, one of these is the Olympic Dam, largest deposit known and another area of the Shelf, in Australia!

        Getting to HEU and Weapons Grade U235 is relatively easy, after you reach the 20% rate, considered the limit for LEU and flirting with HEU vs going from raw ore to Reactor Fuel Grades 1% is a BITCH! (HEU and Weapons Grade = 90%, but 93% – 97% for Naval propulsion. Less emitters and safer for crew proximity). Same as regarding the use of Supergrade P239 and U235 in the Mk4/A-W76-01 and -02, plus W88alt370, MIRVs & Warheads used on US and UK UGM-133/A Trident II SLBMs carried by Ohio and future Columbia-Class SSBNs. Storage and high Enrichment limits decay and crew risk.. and makes them really Bad ARSE!!
        However, it is possible to make a crude device using 20% U235 Enriched, but it’d be better to pulverise it and set it off as a Radiological Device via Conventional Explosion, a “Dirty Bomb-Type” or the “R” in CBRNE Weapons.

        Now that people are bored, sorry… Another interesting (I think) aspect is the ability to Enrich and achieve the Grades needed. Think about Iran. They’ve a lot of (rather shite quality, but still, it is) Crude Oil, but lack the refinement abilities, capacities and capabilities necessary to create petroleum and other distillates. They have to pump, ship, pay to refine, ship it back, offload and pipe it away… something PRC might just want to fix, plus Iran has Reactor Grade Enriched LEU. It’s not above 5%, but that’s the biggest hump, add PRC Enrichment Facilities and you can see where this is going,

        Oz has a lot of Uranium in different types and places, most important, they are PROVEN Deposits and the Aussie’s have a lot of experience mining the different types of deposits. The US and Europe need Canada and Oz, esp. if the USN and USAF develop the sorely needed Mk7 MIRV and W93 Warhead for the GBSD Programme and to tip the Columbia and Dreadnought Class Boomers in the USN and UKRN… and the new RANS Boomers! Like the 1982 (I think) deal PM Thatcher won in only three hours of talks (and numerous letters exchanged prior) with Pres Reagan, the UK received Trident II or Trident D5 SLBMs instead of the Trident I or C4 Pres Carter tried unloading. It was a great delivery vehicle, but the splashback was a bitch on the plume of fire needed to continue upwards, not extinguish itself do close to the surface and/or leave the SSBN needing to keep a shallower launch depth and risk presenting location.

        France has a right to be pissed, I mean, It Is FRANCE! Treaty of Versailles, anyone? However, three years ago, then-Chief of EADS and Airbus, Tom Enders, the same whom, along with Verhofstadt (dick), made the Heads of the German Bundeswehr retreat from a decision made nearly one year to the day, regarding the procurement of a new aircraft to replace the ageing but awesome Panavia Tornado squadrons, an X-Fighter Contest between Boeing’s F/A-18E/F and EA-18G (replacing the Tornado IDS/ECR airframes and roles), Airbus’s Eurofighter Tranche 3 & 4 and LMT’s F-35A, the only 5th-Gen in the group and the planned successor… until those two said “Nope” a year after the Generals said it was what they needed now and in the future to modernise and fulfil NATO & Domestic duties.

        Then, they “decided” to drop, and “renew” consideration of the other two (three w/ EA-18) aircraft. (FWIW the F-15EX was dropped earlier).

        They said a mix of F/A-18 and EA-18 plus Typhoons would be the happy medium, then, the Boeing airframes were discarded from competition, shortly, before renewed interest saw 30 F/A-18 and 15 EA-18s added to the Eurofighter Orders of 93 Aircraft. Curious, innit? Nope.
        The F-35 was the only platform able to carry the B61-12, like the Tornado IDS, allowing NATO Nuclear Capabilities and Sharing as we’ve had over decades and different B-61 variants. Plus, the F/A-18 Hornet, not Super Hornet, and Tornado, were the only aircraft fused and approved to carry said weapons. The F/A-18s will carry the B61, after upgrading and agreements by the US Gov’t and NATO. If they went Eurofighter only, as Verhofstadt (dick) wanted, and Enders wanted in order yo secure Franco-German (-then Spanish) development of the FCAS to replace the Typhoon, enable an “EU Air Force and start the plan towards an EU Military” ensuring EADS and Airbus a lot of future business! But, no more B61s and NATO would be pissed. Plus, a day after Junker stepped down, his replacement said: No. There won’t be said Air Force or Military. Darn. LOL.

        No chance Eurofighter would/will carry a B61modAnything!

        Point? France kinda got the shaft, but shite swings both ways, no matter how short and selective one’s attention span & memories. And, it saved the fragile AUKUS Partnership that looked grim a few years ago, something too many forgot about. Still, France is a (sorta) NATO member and a defo Ally, so we should tread lightly, and try to include them as it is a major issue and regional shitestorm waiting to unload. We need cooperation and the only other State with more T/Nuclear Weapons than PRC is France.
        But it’s Aussie’s call and they made it!



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      • Viking Life Blog · October 9

        Yeah, France has left projects themselves.
        As far as I understand, Australia-France uboat deal was not going well or within budget.

        Korea had alot of balance problem when they were building their German uboats and they were world leader in shipbuilding.
        It’s not easy to make good uboats.

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      • tlamn · October 9

        Nope. The Seawolf is pretty kick arse, though

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      • Viking Life Blog · October 10

        I agree!

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      • tlamn · October 21

        See the SSN(X) news today?!!!!

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      • Viking Life Blog · October 21

        I don’t think so, what happened?


  2. muunyayo · September 18

    Reblogged this on Muunyayo .


  3. Viking Life Blog · September 18


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