Shape Up or Ship Out

There is a fine line between constructive criticism and just being a faggot. It does get easier to identify the difference, when the “Karen” have nothing or very little to offer (him or her self). Check the comment section of any “well known” content creator and see the stuff they have to deal with.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes people need constructive criticism and they will not like it (neither would I). Which is fine, as long as they try to learn. I am banned from Black Pilled‘s comment section, he did seem to learn and I still post his videos.

There are also some content creators who could be seen as “fedposter”, “controlled opposition” etc. and might even be so (that’s another topic).

Each their own. We should approach topics in many ways, to suit different tastes. In other words, to achieve broad appeal.

Much can be said about the Daily Stormer and TRS, but they have been relative succesful in getting people’s attention.

Sadly, good content does not equal success.


  1. muunyayo · 8 Days Ago

    Reblogged this on muunyayo .

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  2. muunyayo · 8 Days Ago

    This is well-timed. There are bloggers here I have come to respect and admire, for their method of expression (yours high on this list), hits the fucking nail on the head. Unasked-for, involuntary however extremely strong, irrevocable, “controversial” convictions that ruminate in my mind – often I can’t quite let them emanate outwards; cannot express my firm-as-fucking-oak opinions on matters that must be called into question. Furthermore I am learning alot about what I always knew to be true….

    You’ve got my attention. My name is X by the way. You’ve got our attention, sir.

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    • Viking Life Blog · 8 Days Ago

      Hi X. Great Viking name! Please, don’t doxx yourself.

      Thanks, for the kind words. I wish, that I could live up to that. But, we can help eachother to learn, develope and have a general positive influence.
      It does feel good to confirm one’s intuition, especially with facts, statistics, etc..

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  3. Eternal Anglo Seax · 8 Days Ago

    I have a hard time seeing you being banned from anywhere. You’re a pretty polite poster, I always thought.

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    • Viking Life Blog · 8 Days Ago

      You know my “approach” and “humor”. This guy properly gets hundreds of comments everyday and just remove people who “cause trouble”, which I can understand. It would be very time consuming to deal with every comment and all critique.

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      • Eternal Anglo Seax · 8 Days Ago


        Viking Life Guy: Expelled from 109 Polish chatrooms.

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      • Viking Life Blog · 8 Days Ago

        Oh, yes. The Alt-Right did not like my “Eastern Europe is our Mexico” memes, they freaked out on YouTube and Twitter. lol.
        Sometimes I trolled them a little by writing “Hi, White and non-White Europeans” in YouTube live chat. Some stalked me to my YouTube channels and here like crazy Karen cat ladies.

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      • Eternal Anglo Seax · 7 Days Ago

        It takes all kinds to build a village in Africa, I guess. I’m still a big tent guy, we should all be able to figure out peaceable solutions where everyone has their thing.

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      • Viking Life Blog · 7 Days Ago

        I agree, especially overseas. We already have our thing here, being Danish.

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  4. signasupervestes · 7 Days Ago

    A family of conservative Jewish origin sponsored the creation and birth of Breibart. Mr. Irving, revisionist, of Jewish origin, persecuted by the (((( System )))) wrote an article, years ago, about Breibart, it can be summarized as follows : ” they are useful fools, but false dissidence, although it serves us to be informed in an alternative way “. A short time ago, Breibart bought Andrew’s newspaper.

    I have known about the Dunning-Kruger syndrome, recently, the coincidence of hearing about the subject ( syndrome ) on a radio station. The truth is that the whole world is full of people with this syndrome, especially because they get high technical or scientific knowledge but it may happen that they do not know the ins and outs of politics (power), i.e. they do not reach to see other postulates because at university they were forced to study the theory of homo sapiens-sapiens-sapiens and it has been known for decades that the Darwinian theory of Evolution was annulled by American scientists in the nineties, because human beings have been as we are now since the beginning of life, due to a certain hereditary protein that does not change with the passage of time and that is necessary for the life of the cells and to inherit life. Let this basic example serve as an example.

    Translated with (free version)


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