When Tiger And Panther Became a Problem For The Germans, This Vehicle Became The Solution

Panzer Archeology

A lot of Tigers were lost because of lack of spare parts, fuel and mechanic breakdown.

For example, they had to lift off the 11-ton-heavy tower with a crane if the gearbox were to be replaced.

About King Tiger (Tiger II)

Tiger I

Repairing Tigers

Tiger Logistics: How to feed a German Cat

Why 879 Men for 45 Tigers?

The Great Tiger We All Know And Love

Bundesarchiv Bild 183-H26258, Panzer V "Panther".jpg

Five Things About the Mighty Panther

Panther Ambush – Normandy 1944

Panther vs Sherman – Operation Nordwind 1945

Jagdpanther vs. Churchill – Normandy 1944

A Lot of Luck and a Jagdpanther

Read about WWII here

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