And They Still Want Me to Get the Vaccine

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Denmark abolishes all Corona measures

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Is Danish people’s immune system superior or are Danes in general superior?

Why are they going insane in Australia?

Are they going to put Denmark under international pressure, forcing Denmark to do like Australia, Canada, UK, Germany, etc.?


  1. Eternal Anglo Seax · October 27

    I’ve heard one or more of your ministers is getting uppity. I hope the attempts fail. There might as well be one citadel of rationale. I’d really rather not have it be some 3rd World carpet stain that gets branded as the end all be all we have to look towards when the house of cards falls and people grok that we’ve been duped but hard.

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  2. Eternal Anglo Seax · October 27

    I’d have liked to see the protests the report talks about. This gay plague is beyond tiresome. Getting to where we need protests to quash boredom.


  3. Viking Life Blog · October 28


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