1. Truthpecker · October 28

    You are right.

    I just want to say that the only true, safe and reasonable cryptocurrency is the ORIGINAL BITCOIN.

    The reason is: Bitcoin is decentralized and open source. It can not be manipulated in any way. The amount of bitcoin circulating in the world is still the same since day one, hence no inflation is possible. Speculation is not possible. You just have to make sure that nobody knows your key.

    The claim that bitcoin can be easily used by criminals to make dirty business is WRONG. Every transaction is transparent. The Rothschild’s and the other gangster families would go bancrupt if bitcoin would be the only currency worldwide, that’s why they don’t support it.

    The currency fluctuation of bitcoin today would level out very soon if the whole world would use it as the only currency. Bitcoin is being suppressed since 2008 when it was launched. Why? Because the Jews would lose their power immediatly.

    (Note: Bitcoin light or bitcoin cash is NOT the original Bitcoin because it is not decentralized and so are not all the other cryptocurrencies).

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    • Viking Life Blog · October 28

      Thank you for clarifying. I will keep that in mind. I guess, that Bitcoin is a good example of the kind of “parallel societies” or in this case parallel economic we should aim for.

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  2. Truthpecker · October 28

    I think, that’s the reason why they have created so many other cryptocurrencies. It was done to deflect the peoples attention from bitcoin.
    I am no bitcoin-expert at all, I only read a basic book about it 2 years ago and own a little amount in bitcoin on a card wallet.
    If bitcoin would be the standard currency in the world, banks would not be necessary anymore and the “City” of London would collapse.

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    • Viking Life Blog · October 28

      Good point(s). Yeah, a kind of “controlled opposition”.
      Bitcoin will properly not get that big any time soon, but many small streams turn into a large river. It’s a step in the right direction.

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