Ukrainian driver hid the replacement in the fridge

In the truck’s refrigerator, officers found a cardholder with two additional driver cards. The driver acknowledged that he knew about the two additional cards.

Upon the subsequent examination of all the data on the cards, the officers were able to document that one and the same driver was behind the driving on all the driver cards found. This means that major violations of driving/rest periods have been committed.

“Data on the different driver cards shows that over a few days the driver had driven for over 35 hours without resting sufficiently. Another period showed that there was a maximum daily rest of 59 minutes. It is deeply irresponsible to drive in the way that you put the lives of both one and others at risk. When you are not rested, you have a slower reaction time, and then when you add a ton-heavy truck and high speed, you have a really bad combination. It doesn’t take many seconds of inattention for things to end badly,” says Police Commissioner Henrik Fobian, Head of Heavy Car Centre East with Central and West Zealand Police.

It is not allowed to drive for a maximum of 10 hours before taking a rest of at least 9 hours.

Danish Police

Two Ukrainian men sentenced to prison and deportation in case of 31 expensive quality bikes

33-year-old Ukrainian sentenced to four years in prison and expelled from Denmark for helping to produce millions of illegal cigarettes at a ‘underground’ factory in Vamdrup

Illegal cigarette factory unveiled in Denmark (Ukraine and Poland)

43-year-old, Ukrainian national, sentenced to 60-days prison for smuggling two kilos of skunk at the border.

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