How Denmark Created England

The existence of England is one that is often taken for granted and looked at far too scarcely. This may be due to the overshadowing history of the development of Great Britain and the United Kingdom, but nonetheless, in order for these unions to be formed, England had to already exist – and it actually has since 927 AD. So, how was England created, who claimed the land before the English, and how did it become the nation that we know today?…


A Brief History Of The Danish Vikings And Of The Danelaw

Five Boroughs of the Danelaw // Vikings Documentary

The Lost History of the North: Thored, Oslac & Yorvik VIKINGS DANELAW ANGLO-SAXONS DOCUMENTARY

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“Impossible” to separate Anglo-Saxon and Danish-Viking DNA

British Women Are Seeking Danish Sperm Donors To Make ‘Viking Babies’

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Why does Old English sound like Danish?

English Words with Old Norse Origins

Anglish – What if English Were 100% Germanic?

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When We All Spoke Danish

Denmark: The Oldest Germanic Country!

The oldest continuously used national flag

Denmark’s Personal Unions


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