Combat in Vietnam, Rhodesian Light Infantry, South African 44 Pathfinder Co. | Ken Gaudet

Ken Gaudet knows a thing or two about living a life of adventure. He served in the 173rd in Vietnam before traveling to Rhodesia where he participated in cross border combat jumps with the Rhodesian Light Infantry. Then he served with an assortment of foreigners in South Africa’s 44 Pathfinder Company.

The Team House

File:Flag of Rhodesia (1968–1979).svg

Requiem for Rhodesia

We’re all Rhodesians now!

Rhodesians Never Die

A Brief History Of Rhodesia

Rhodesia and South Africa: Military History

We’re all Rhodesians!

National Anthem of Rhodesia

How much money did Jews in South Africa & Rhodesia send to Israel?

Rhodesian Light Infantry | Final Parade

What A Time It Was (Rhodesia) | Russel McLaren

Rhodesian War Stories: In The Name Of Freedom

Rhodesian War Stories: Home for Xmas


South Africa

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