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Thomas Wardell Braden (February 22, 1917 – April 3, 2009) was an American CIA official, journalist (best remembered as the author of Eight Is Enough, which spawned a television program), and co-host of the CNN show Crossfire.

Believing that the cultural milieu of postwar Europe was favorable toward left-wing views, he understood that the Western Allies’ Establishment was rigidly conservative and nationalistic and determined to maintain their colonial dominions. The CIA estimated American supremacy to be best served by supporting the Democratic left. Thus, the program was begun to support more moderate and especially anti-Soviet leftists, thereby helping to purge the social democratic left of Soviet sympathizers.

After Ramparts, the flagship publication of the New Left, broke the story of the CIA’s funding of anticommunist citizen groups like the National Student Association in a 1967 article, Braden defended the agency’s covert work in the student and labor movements with an article, “I’m Glad the CIA is ‘Immoral,'” in The Saturday Evening Post.

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Politics, government, and journalism

Braden left the CIA in November 1954 and became owner of the Oceanside, California, newspaper The Blade-Tribune, which he bought with a loan from his friend Nelson Rockefeller. Active in California Democratic politics, he served as president of the California State Board of Education during the 1960s, and had a running battle with conservative Republican state superintendent of public instruction Max Rafferty.

Braden himself ran for office only once, mounting an unsuccessful primary challenge in 1966 (with the campaign theme “Guts”) to incumbent Democratic lieutenant governor Glenn Anderson.

After the assassination in Los Angeles of his friend Robert F. Kennedy during the 1968 presidential campaign, Braden returned to Washington and became a popular newspaper columnist in partnership with Kennedy’s press secretary, Frank Mankiewicz. He also became a prominent political commentator on radio and television.

Although the Nixon White House initially included him on a list of friendly journalists, his work eventually landed him on the master list of Nixon political opponents.

In 1975, Braden published the autobiographical book Eight is Enough, which inspired an ABC television series of the same name with Dick Van Patten in the role of Tom Bradford, the name of Braden’s character in the series. The book focused on his life as the father of eight children and also touched on his political connections as a columnist and ex-CIA operative and as husband to a sometime State Department employee and companion of the Kennedy family, Joan Ridley Braden.

After replacing Mankiewicz as the “voice from the left” on the syndicated radio show Confrontation, Tom Braden co-hosted the Buchanan–Braden Program, a three-hour radio show with former Nixon aide Pat Buchanan from 1978 to 1984. He and Buchanan also hosted the CNN program Crossfire at the show’s inception in 1982, with Braden interviewing guests and debating Buchanan and Robert Novak. Braden left Crossfire in 1989.


Black Pilled

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The Benefits of No Attachments (No Strings Attached and Friends with Benefits)

The Tale of Two Time Machines (The Time Machine 1960 film & 2002 film)

We Promise, You’re Unhappy (The Stepford Wives)

The Cure for Gentlemen (Gentleman’s Agreement)

Stand Still (The Day the Earth Stood Still 1951 and 2008)

The King of Joker Driver (Taxi Driver, The King of Comedy and Joker)

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Dan Harmon Calls for Extermination of Americans!

The Waco Lie

Will Generation Z Purge Hollywood?

Are You Ready for the Purge?


The Traitor in the White House

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Love of Country

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Entertainment For Us, By Us

Everything you need to know about Hollywood and why you should boycott it

A cheap way to make our own entertainment

Update on Gab and Nick “the spick” Fuentes

Official Dad of Gab @WardenX2 writes:

“In just a few days after receiving $20,000 from Torba, Fuentes’ Gay Christian army

1. Rushes to gab to gloat that they are taking over
2. Says they’re going to rape white women
3. Gets Joe Prich deplatformed from a video steam
4. Fuck with Joe’s subscriber count on Gab video.
5. Fuentes gets in a pissing match with a paying advertiser and lies about their product. (After they generously sent him samples.)
6. Posts no Christian material whatsoever despite claiming to be Christians.
7. Retreat behind a block list like a bunch of left winger on Twitter.

Prior to this, Fuentes said Gab sucks, the user base is stupid, and women should be banned from here.

According to @a this is the future of Christianity and dissident politics.

Could this be more of a clown show?”

Read comments here

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Gab users are furious after its CEO announces partnership with Nick “the spick” Fuentes

About Gab

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Alleged Cyber Criminal Credited For Hacking Gab and Epik Has History Of Being An FBI Asset; Admits “Anonymous” Has Support Of US Intelligence

Israeli Historian Dismisses Confessions By IDF Soldiers Of 1948 Slaughter At Tantura — ‘I don’t believe witnesses’

When it comes to “Holocaust” survivors, we are all expected to believe their “eyewitness” accounts as if they were directly given to us by God, but when it comes to the genocide of Palestinians, many of whom were burned alive by Jewish terrorists with flamethrowers at Tantura, Jewish historians are far less sympathetic to the witnesses — even Jewish eyewitnesses:

What really happened near a beach in Israel in 1948? The question, once debated in a 20-year-old libel suit that served as a microcosm for the battle over Israel’s historical record, reentered the public consciousness this week. Entities including the Palestinian Authority and the editorial board of Haaretz have begun calling for a commission to excavate land near Mount Carmel in search of an alleged mass grave site in which perhaps 300 Palestinians may be buried.

Read more at Christians For Truth

World’s first research linking smoking and lung cancer – conceived and paid for by Adolf Hitler.

The Führer’s mother died from cancer. With profits from his best-selling book “Mein Kampf”, he donated 100 000 Marks to cancer research he personally commissioned at the University of Jena. Is there a link between cigarette smoking and cancer? Adolf Hitler thought so, and the research he commissioned conclusively proved it. There is a very strong link and smokers are very likely to get cancer – as shown by his research results at bottom right.

The research was conducted in 1941 at the “Scientific Institute for Research into the Hazards of Tobacco”, established at the Friedrich-Schiller University in Jena. This was the first such institute in the world.

Read more at Daily Archives

How American Jews And The Mossad Conspired To Steal U.S. Uranium For Israel’s Secret Nuclear Weapons Program

Years before John F. Kennedy had his final showdown with David Ben-Gurion over Israel’s development of nuclear weapons, the Mossad — with the help of American Jews loyal to the fledgling Zionist state — orchestrated one of the greatest criminal heists in history — the theft of over 600 pounds of weapons-grade uranium with the complicity of both the FBI and C.I.A.

The story of this espionage and betrayal is documented in the book, Stealing The Atom Bomb: How Denial And Deception Armed Israel by Dr. Roger Mattson, former advisor and manager with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the Atomic Energy Commission.

Read more at Christians For Truth

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Jewish Atomic Spies

Israel has 90 Nukes, Has Been Claiming that Iran has 1 Since 1979

The secret history of Israeli nuclear arsenal

Israel’s Secret Arsenal: It’s Not So Secret Anymore

The Road To Dealey Plaza — How JFK’s Refusal To Allow Israel Nuclear Weapons Sealed His Death Warrant

Why They Want White Genocide!

“The future of Holocaust memory and education lies in its ability to be relevant to the students of coming generations. While study about the Holocaust is important in and of itself, it is even more important to learn from the Holocaust in terms of promoting global citizenship, human rights, religious tolerance and multiculturalism to ensure that such evil does not occur again.”

United Nations – The Future of Holocaust Education: The Role of Global Citizenship and Human Rights Literacy – It can also be found at Archive

About the people behind White genocide

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About Antifa

About BLM

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Ethnic Heterogeneity

Diversity and Social Trust

High trust and low trust societies

Time Preference

Delayed Gratification

r/K selection theory


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Noble Savage


“All men are created equal”

White Savior Complex

Pathological Altruism

Soft bigotry of low expectations

Preferential Treatment

Affirmative Action


Sense of Entitlement

Victim Olympics / Oppression Olympics

Tragedy of the commons

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Statement on “Race”

The Race Question

Race Denialism

Genetics Denialism

Magic Dirt

Noble Savage

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Narcissists, Psychopaths, & Manipulators Are More Likely To Engage In “Virtuous Victim Signaling”, Study Finds.

New study shows that leftists, and especially those who identify as Marxists, suffer from mental illness more often.

The Karen Mindset: The Psychology of Entitlement

“Moral high ground”

Virtue Signalling


Ivory Tower


Woke Capital



Political Correctness

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The Frankfurt School and Critical Theory – Cultural Marxism

The Four stages of ideological subversion

The long march through the institutions

Rules for Radicals

Divide and Rule

Ruling Class

Controlled Opposition

Psychological Warfare

Psychological Manipulation

False Flag

About Globohomo

Both Environment and Genetic Makeup Influence Behavior

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Ten Stages of Genocide

Genocide Convention

The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP)

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Crimes against humanity

White genocide is not a conspiracy theory!