The Truth About The Opioid Crisis

From a discussion with Trey Garrison, journalist, activist and now co-author of Opioids For The Masses, a sobering investigation into America’s Opioid Epidemic.

Keith Woods

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  1. cheriewhite · January 2

    Absolutely! The two guys in the video have a great point! To dum it all up, the Sacklers are no better than the neighborhood drug pushers you see out slinging meth and crack!

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  2. Otto+K.+Forssell · January 3

    Your daily re-reminder of “cheriewhite”.

    [ ]

    Maybe you can try to coerce to comment on your other posts, I would love to see her opinion on matters of the Deutsches Reich.

    #Jewish (7 results) #Holocaust (8 results) #Israel (1 result) #Yiddish (1 result) #Antisemitism (4 results) #NAZI (*Disgusting Pejorative Slur* 5 results)

    #Anti-European (ZERO results) #German (ZERO results) #Homeland (ZERO results) #Français (ZERO results) #French (No mention of French outside of “French Fries” which are not French) #Zionism (ZERO results).


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