1. Eternal Anglo Seax · January 9

    How’s the metal scene in DK been? Any new bands crop up?

    Also. I’m going to be lame and ask you the names of some good Danish speaking (heavy metal or hard rock) bands again. I remember Ættir was one, I think. I cannot for the life of me remember where I asked you before. Started using Spotify. Not bad if you ignore the commercials.


    • Viking Life Blog · January 9

      I don’t really know what’s happening at the moment.

      Svartsot (Viking Metal)
      Huldre (Viking Metal)
      Undergang (Death Metal)
      Ravnebanner (NS Folk Metal/RAC)
      Daneskjold (NS/RAC)
      Dommedag (NS Black Metal)
      Æresblod (NS Black Metal)
      Volbeat (Rard Rock)

      Afsky (Black Metal)
      Blóðtrú (Black Metal)
      Blodhævn (Black Metal)
      Blodarv (Black Metal)
      Brandpest (Black Metal)
      Dødshandling (Black Metal)
      Doedsfald (Black Metal)
      Drab (Death/Black Metal)
      Evighed (Doom Metal)
      Fanebærer (Black Metal)
      Farvel Death Metal)
      Fjeldgænger (Black Metal)
      Fjeldtaagen (Black Metal)
      Fjorsvartnir (Viking Black Metal)
      Forbandet (NS Black Metal)
      Forhekset allé (Black Metal)
      Fortabt (Black Metal)

      Bersærk (Stoner Metal/Rock)
      Red Warszawa

      I went down to G on this list and almost all Danish named/Danish singing bands are Black Metal.

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