Signs of Brainwashing

You might be brainwashed if…

  • If you watch political news on average for several hours every day of the week, you might be brainwashed.
  • If the mere mention of the “enemy” — either the organization or specific people — makes you feel anger and hatredyou might be brainwashed.
  • If you scowl and scoff every time you are exposed to opposing opinions, you might be brainwashed.
  • If you’re motivated to spread scary news and memes in an attempt to scare others into supporting your adopted beliefs, you might be brainwashed.
  • If you are anxious and angered by the fact that you can’t get others to adopt your beliefs, you might be brainwashed.
  • If you feel like violence and intimidation are warranted, you might be brainwashed.

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Common features of brainwashing include isolation, humiliation, accusation, and unpredictable attacks. The abusive environment produces real and anticipated fear, which contributes to the battered woman’s belief that her situation is hopeless and that she must depend on her abuser.

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