C.I.A. Called Key ‘Nazi’ Witness To Murder Of 6 Million Jews ‘Notorious Fabricator’ — His Reports ‘Worthless And Inflated’

Recently, David Fisher — a seasoned Israeli documentary filmmaker — broke ranks and openly questioned the sacred, kabbalistic 6 Million™ Holocaust death count, causing quite a stir among Jewish court “historians,” who predictably circled the wagons and doubled down on this non-negotiable final count.

In order to give this official death count some sort of aura of credibility, these Jewish historians will often cite “Nazi” sources to corroborate their own witnesses, such as Jewish-Soviet propaganda minister, Ilya Ehrenburg, who first issued this 6 Million accusation three years before the war even ended — long before the camps were opened for inspection and “evidence” gathered.

One of these key “Nazi” witnesses is Dr. Wilhelm Höttl (often misspelled “Hoettel”) — whose problematic testimony was taken at face value in this recent article attempting to refute David Fisher’s doubt about the final count.

Read more at Christians For Truth

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