Jewish Film Star Maureen Lipman Demands Jews Portray Jews

Maureen Lipman has a long record of outspoken political activism in support of what she sees as Jewish and Zionist interests, and has regularly used newspaper columns for this purpose. In 2005 she used her Guardian column to attack historian David Irving, and described H&D writer Lady Michèle Renouf as “a well-known racist”.

The 1990s Disney version of fairytale ‘Cinderella’ was a prime example of ‘colour-blind’ casting’s absurdity, but didn’t offend Ms Lipman.

National Vanguard

Everything you need to know about Hollywood and why you should boycott it


  1. Jackie2015 · January 22

    jews accuse, usually, white people at what they themselves do and are.

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  2. Jackie2015 · January 23

    For the time being, anyway

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